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Folks, Another piece of exciting news from our current PGMP batch in Bonn– Dr. Aashvin R obtained PG Training position in Surgery in a hospital near Berlin. The first two years of training will be General and the remaining years will be in a specific field. Like all our candidates, he too has obtained Approbation. His work-permit has arrived and he will be joining the hospital soon. He has promised to give a video interview which will be shared as and when ready. I congratulate him on his success and wish him all the best.

Candidates currently enrolled for PGMP should derive inspiration from Ashvin’s story and keep working hard towards your goal.

Candidates planning to pursue PG training positions in Germany shall contact immediately for application and enrollment.

Dr. Aashvin R is a resident of India and attended Medical school in Maharashtra, learned German language at Pune Goethe and is a participant of our PGMP in Bonn.

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5 thoughts on “Congratulations – Dr Aashvin R (PG in Surgery)

  1. I am a 3rd year mbbs student from india. Can you please help me with the procedure as in what are the basic steps and exams to get an observership in germany.

    1. Hello Rajika

      I assume you mean “Residency” leading to PG? If you are really looking at only “Observership” you will have to write to various hospitals. However, Please note that German hospitals will rarely allow this unless there is an arrangement with your University. Moreover, Observerships will have no value unless you are familiar with German language and the Medical Terminology in German language.


  2. Hello, I am a surgical post graduate, MS general surgery and also hold FMAS and felloship in AV Access and Endovenous laser. I would like to have endourology fellowship I. Germany, any provisions??

    1. Hello Dr Lilhare

      Fellowships are far and few and are generally booked years in advance. Moreover, one needs to obtain “Approbation”(Permanent Registration) to qualify for the same. So, its not a feasible option.


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