Forensics & Medical law

The last four weeks were  “Forensics & Medical law” sessions at our training institution in Bonn, NRW, Germany. Our participants ( doctors from India aspiring to obtain PG Medicine & Surgery training positions in India  ) intensively learned everything from Thanatology (Scientific study of death and losses brought about as result),  Common laws to Complex rules and regulations governing  Medical/Surgical practice in Germany.  Since Medical doctors often encounter life and death situations, challenges on rights to privacy, situations testing laws of Professional discretion, Ethics and mandatory disclosure, a solid foundation on Forensics and Medical law becomes a cornerstone to successfully practice in Germany. The FSP(Fachsprachprufung) indirectly and the KP(Kenntnisprufung– Approbation/Equivalency Exam) directly tests whether the foreign doctor has adequate knowledge of these subjects and has the skill to put them into use under real German hospital environments.

Therefore the participants spent each Monday and Friday mornings this month to deeply engage with these topics. From lectures to group discussions, individual presentations by participants to sitting in for live lectures at the University; they worked hard to tackle legal terminology and medical regulations alike. The reward came this Saturday when the workshop with Prof. B of the University proved their full readiness to handle exam-like case discussion. Well done!

Our course is a series of real-world hands-on workshops like these which empower our participants with real-world knowledge and skills resulting in our famed 100% PG Placement record.

Next month, we begin a fresh cycle for Internal Medicine.

Doctors aspiring to undergo PG Medicine/ Surgery in Germany can enroll in our world-class program for successful PG preparation till placement.


NB: The names of Universities and professors are masked to protect privacy and to maintain the integrity of our program.


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