Specialisation – Surgery – Vascular

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

  • the contents of the basic surgical training in the area
  • the prevention, detection, and treatment of diseases, injuries, infections, and malformations of the vascular system, including the rehabilitation
  • the indication for surgical, interventional and conservative treatment, including the risk assessment and prognostic evaluation
  • operative treatment, including hyperemia, respective and reconstructive intervention and conservative treatment on the vascular system
  • instrumental analysis methods, including measurement of blood flow and diagnosis of angiological finding for surgery preparation and post-natal care
    the collection of intraoperative radiological control, taking into account the findings of radiation protection

Examination and treatment procedures: 

  • Examination and treatment procedures of the basic training
  • intraoperative angiographic studies
  • Doppler-/Duplex-examination, whereof: vessels supplying the extremitiesAbdominal and retroperitoneal vessels
  • Extracranial vessels leading to the brain
  • hemodynamic studies of veins
  • reconstructive surgery, whereof: Supra-aortic arteries of aortic, iliac, and visceral thoracic vessels
  • in the femoropopliteal, and brachial-pedals cruro section
  • endovascular procedures
  • a system of dialysis shunts implanted port
  • operations on the venous system
  • Border zone amputations, ulcer

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