Specialization – Surgery

During of first 24 months:

Training Surgery in Germany. Starting with 24 Months of training in general surgery, after that 48 months in the specializing field of your choice. In total 72 Months.

General Surgery

The two-year training in general surgery consists of twelve months of orthopedics and trauma surgery and abdominal surgery. The remaining training period is also partly eligible for several areas.

Vascular Surgery

The two-year training in general surgery follows 48 months of specialized training in vascular surgery. Twelve months in the surgery and six months in Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine / Angiology and Radiology are eligible.

Traumatology / Orthopaedics

After you have completed the two-year training in general surgery it will continue with four years in orthopedics and traumatology. One year it can be completed in another field of surgery including neurosurgery or in the outpatient setting.

Thoracic Surgery

After the training in general surgery, 48 months training period are to a specialist to run for Thoracic Surgery, of which, twelve months in other surgical specialties will be completed or internal medicine and hematology and oncology and/or internal medicine and pulmonology, and twelve months in the outpatient setting.

Visceral Surgery

The training in general surgery is followed by four years in the abdominal surgery, a total of which twelve months in other disciplines of surgery, may be completed or outpatient multidisciplinary.

Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery

After 48 months of general surgery, you will continue your training as a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Of these, up to twelve months in other surgical disciplines, as well as ear, nose and throat medicine, and/or mouth, are passed through and maxillofacial surgery or six months in anesthesiology, gynecology and obstetrics and pathology, and up to twelve months in an outpatient setting.

Pediatric Surgery

After the training in general surgery, a 48-month training will follow in pediatric surgery. You have to complete twelvemonth in the medicine of children and adolescents, which can also be spent six months in child and adolescent intensive care. For six months, the training can be done in one or other surgical specialist in anesthesiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, radiology, urology or hand surgery. Of the 48, twelve months will be spent in the outpatient setting.

Cardiac Surgery

After 48-months of general surgery, the training in cardiac surgery will follow. It is possible in these twelve months to do training in other specialists in surgery or internal medicine/cardiology and child and adolescent medicine / pediatric cardiology. These times can also be completed on an outpatient basis.

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7 thoughts on “Surgery Specialization

  1. Hello Dears,
    Good evening, i want to ask if i could to continue my carrier in Germany?
    I have finished a specialization in surgery two years (ordinatura) in 2003 in Russia , Moscow, then i have got a two separate years of my training in vascular surgery, endo vascular surgery and renal transplanation, Jordan , amman. specialty hospital,
    I”m looking to continue my carrier in vascular surgery in Germany if its posible.

    best regards

    1. Hi

      Please check your email and respond to the Qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Please check your SPAM folder, just in case.

      Hope this helps.


  2. hi there
    i am a dentistry graduate , already in Germany and waiting for my Anerkennung decision from LAGESO.
    i am willing to countinue my studies in surgery
    can you please help me through this ?
    thank you

  3. I have completed MBBS and right now studying German language. I want to pursue Surgical Oncology as my PG…can you please suggest the best German Universities for the same.

    1. Hello

      PG in Germany is not conducted by Universities but by Training hospitals and regulated by the Medical councils. I have already mailed you the Qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Please respond to it.


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