Specialization – Surgery Pediatric

Examination and treatment procedures:
the upper abdomen, such as the stomach, pylorus, with gastroesophageal reflux, the diaphragm, liver, extrahepatic biliary tract, spleen

too small and large intestine including the rectum, whereof:
Special operations, such as atresia and other malformations, inflammatory disease,

ileus, anus praeter naturalis, whereof:
an appendectomies

a hernia, whereof:

on the urogenital tract, whereof:
correction of malformations of the kidneys, urinary tract and the internal and external genitalia including injury, tumor resections
at the vascular, nervous and lymphatic systems, such as malformations including dysraphism, injuries, and tumors, investment of shunts, port implantations on the musculoskeletal system,
operative treatment of fractures of long bones
surgical treatment of periarticular fractures and injuries of large joints
supply extensive soft tissue injuries

further intervention, whereof:
injuries to the hand, with soft tissue, bone and joint infections, tendon-/nervsuture, amputations, arthrotomy, osteotomies, bone grafting, tumor  resection, osteosynthesis material distances
in plastic and reconstructive surgery, such as malformations, congenital defects and defect injuries to head, neck, chest wall, trunk, limbs, diaphragm, sculptures, skin, muscle, tendon and cartilage sculptures.

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