Specialisation – Surgery (Orthopedics and Traumatology)

Knowledge, experience and skills in: 

  • the contents of the basic surgical training in the area the prevention, diagnosis, surgical and conservative treatment, aftercare and rehabilitation of injuries and their sequelae, as well as congenital and acquired deformations, malformations, functional disorders and diseases of the supporting and locomotor taking into account the differences in the various age levels.
  • the treatment of heavy-and multiple injuries, including trauma management to supply the required emergency neurotraumatologic, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, and surgical visceral action through interdisciplinary collaboration
  • the collection of intraoperative radiological control, taking into account the findings of radiation protection
  • the conservative and functional treatment of congenital and acquired deformities and maturation disorders
  • the foundations of conservative and surgical treatment of rheumatic joint diseases
  • the basics of the surgical treatment of tumors of the musculoskeletal organs
  • the detection and treatment of soft tissue injuries, wounds, and burns  including participation in reconstructive procedures
  • the detection and treatment of injuries, diseases, and disorders of the hand
  • the prevention, detection, and treatment of sports injuries and sports injuries and their effects
  • the involvement of higher levels during surgery
  • the prevention and treatment of bone diseases and osteoporosis
  • chiropractic and physical measures, including functional and practice of developmental care and the medical establishment and training of device therapy
  • technical orthopedics and orthopedic devices, including training in use fittings for their review and after completion
  • the fundamentals of injury through medical and industrial types of procedures professional associations

Examination and treatment procedures:

Examination and treatment procedures based training

sonographic examinations of the movement organs including arthrosonography, whereof:
Infant hipsEmergency sonography of the body cavities

surgery, whereof:

emergency surgery, for example, in body cavities, tracheotomy, chest tubes, thoracotomy, laparotomy

on the spine, Frakturosteosynthesen eg, discectomy, decompression


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  1. Is it possible for me to apply for PG in orthopedics. I don’t have my practicing license of my country. Will I be eligible to acquire German Medical license and apply for PG. I am a graduate from China with 1 year experience as a orthopedic trainee. Thank you

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