Specialization – Nuclear medicine

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

  • the general content of training for Sections B and C
  • the fundamentals of radiation biology and radiation physics in the use of ionizing radiation
  • in humans
  • the fundamentals of radiation protection for the patient and staff, including personnel monitoring and radiation protection of the structural and device
  • measurement technology, including data processing
  • the indication, investigation, and treatment with radio-diagnostics and therapeutics
  • nuclear medicine in-vivo and in vitro diagnostic use of organ / targeted radiodiagnostic and therapeutic agents, including results analysis, severity, prognosis and treatment effectiveness determinations
  • molecular imaging, particularly with radiopharmaceuticals
  • nuclear medicine therapy, including the related follow-up
  • treatment planning, taking into account the dose calculation
  • radiochemistry and the territorial and Immunology radiopharmacology
  • the area-based drug therapy
  • interdisciplinary cooperation to combination with other treatment methods

Examination and treatment procedures:

ultrasound examinations of the abdomen, retroperitoneum and urogenital organs, thyroid, facial soft tissues and soft tissues of the neck

nuclear medicine studies including tomographic methods using SPECT and PET technology, of it:

the central nervous system

the skeleton and joint system

on the cardiovascular system

the respiratory system

in the gastrointestinal tract


endocrine organs

on the hematopoietic and lymphatic system

nuclear medicine treatments at:

benign thyroid disease

malignant thyroid diseases

other solid malignant tumors and systemic and/or benign diseases

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