PG Germany preparation- A participant’s perspective!

During my C1 language training, the prospect of learning medical terms in the German language was terrifying. Heartfelt thanks to our mentor Dr.K. Petereit, she inspired us a lot and organized a small batch of 5 students (doctors from India) with an efficient teacher and guide Mr. C Nathan. This was indeed an enlightening experience. We started with basic vocabulary and then moved on to all other systems of the body. Once we were comfortable with the relevant vocabulary in German, we were made to practice intensively the most important part – Communication. This is designed in the form of Roleplays.  Mr. Nathan is a highly experienced Medical communication expert. He demonstrated and taught how a doctor is expected to conduct himself among patients in varied cultural settings.

Through these sessions, we learned exclusively and intensively the art of interaction and rapport with patients, taking the clinical history and documenting in German and also presenting the patient’s case to another senior doctor (Arzt patient kommunikation, Dokumentation, Arzt Arzt kommunikation). Though there are similarities with the Indian conditions, there is a lot of things which needs to be learned, understood and practiced keeping the cultural aspects in mind.  For example, situations like how one conveys news of a terminal illness or death to patient’s relatives and to manage/handle such emotions etc some of the topics included.

Dr. Petereit stressed the importance of writing an accurate  Discharge summary ( Arzt Brief) which is of utmost importance in doctor’s profession in Germany. This is quite an art.

All I can say is that this amazing course -Medizinische fachsprachkurs included in the PGMP(postgraduate mentoring program) has equipped me with the crucial skills and boosted my confidence to effectively function in the German hospital environment.

This module is an initial step and I still have to learn quite a lot of things before I reach the crucial “Job Placement Preparation stage”. There is a lot to prepare but I feel extremely confident in the professional guidance provided-Yes, there is a lot of hard work expected from me.

All my senior PGMP batch mates have obtained the desired Specialist training positions (Surgery, Neurology, Oncology and Rheumatology to name a few) and my target specialization is Radiology.

 I also thank Mr. K P Ashok for his expert counseling and guidance which helped a great deal in building my confidence and resolve to do my PG specialist training in Germany.

Dr. Manoj Kumar M

(Dr. Manoj Kumar is a resident of Andhra Pradesh, India and was a participant of our PGMP in Bonn(April 2015 batch) and has obtained PG Training position in Interventional Radiology. He has also obtained Approbation.)


Note: Some names have been changed to protect privacy.

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