Specialization – Gynecology and obstetrics

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

the general content of training for Sections B and C

  • health advice, including advice on breastfeeding and the basics of nutritional medicine, early detection, and prevention
  • conservative and surgical treatment of female sexual organs, including the chest, the detection, and treatment of complications and rehabilitation
  • the (early) detection as well as the basics of area-based cancer therapies, including indications for gynecological radiotherapy and follow-up of gynecological cancers
  • palliative care services to be supplied, incoming patients
  • the finding of a pregnancy, prenatal care, detection and treatment diseases of pregnancy, risk pregnancies and postpartum care
  • birth care, including participation in highrisk births and obstetric interventions higher levels of difficulty and the welfare and care of newborns, including the detection and treatment of adjustment disorders
  • the diagnosis and treatment of urinary and anal incontinence postpartum, including the pelvic floor training
  • the indication for plastic and reconstructive surgery and operative in the genital area and the chest
  • the detection and treatment of premenstrual syndrome
  • the hormonal regulation of the menstrual cycle and ovarian dysfunctions including the detection and treatment of female sterility base
  • family planning as well as hormonal, chemical, mechanical and surgical contraception
  • the foundations of hereditary diseases, including the indications for genetic counseling
  • providing advice on pregnancy conflicts as well as the indication for abortion in the light of mental health, including risks
  • the area based drug therapy
  • the prevention of osteoporosis
  • sexual counseling of the woman and the couple
  • psychogenic symptoms, somato reactions, psychosocial and psychosexual interference, taking into account the specific socio status of women and their partnership
  • the indications, proper sample collection and treatment of laboratory tests including the basics zytodiagnostic procedures and classification of the results in the disease pattern
  • the detection and treatment of acute emergencies, including coagulation disorders, and
  • lifesaving measures for the maintenance of vital signs and resuscitation

Examination and treatment procedures:

ante-and intrapartum cardiogram
management of normal deliveries with episiotomies and supply of birth injuries
obstetric surgery, such as cesarean section, forceps, vacuum extraction, development of breech
first aid, including initial examination of the newborn
local and regional anesthesia
surgical procedures, whereof:
the external and internal genitalia and the breast, such as curettage, curettage, diagnostic extirpation, hysteroscopy
vaginal and abdominal surgeries, such as hysterectomies, including prolapse surgery, laparoscopy
preparation of cytological smear preparations
ultrasound examinations including endoscopic ultrasound and Doppler sonography of the female urogenital organs and the chest and the utero-fetal unit in placenta part of the malformation
puncture and catheterization techniques, including the procurement of specimens
infusion, transfusion, and blood replacement therapy, enteral and parenteral nutrition

Main focus Gynaecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

  • the detection and treatment of gender-specific endocrine, neuroendocrine and fertility-related functions, dysfunctions and diseases, and deformities of the internal genitalia in adolescence, adolescence, the reproductive phase, the menopause and peri-and postmenopausal
  • endoscopic and microsurgical procedures
  • fertility-related couples counseling
  • the detection and treatment of endocrine-related area-based aging
  • the detection and assessment of psychosomatic influences on hormones, on the fertility and its treatment
  • genetic regulation and infertility with an indication for genetic counseling
  • detection and treatment of androgenic balance, hirsutism and prolactin balance
  • the endocrine-related functions and developmental disorders of the female breast
  • the gynecological and endocrine aspects of transsexualism

Examination and treatment procedures

assisted fertilization methods including hormonal stimulation, insemination, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)


semen analysis and semen-processing methods and functional tests

participation in major surgery including hysteroscopic fertility and laparoscopic procedures,
such as endometriosis, tubal and Ovarchirurgie such as endometriosis, tubal and Ovarchirurgie

Main focus Gynecologic Oncology

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

  • detection and treatment of malignancies of the female genitalia and breast
  • the focus of competency-based training additional tumor Drug therapy integral part of training
  • molecular biology, oncogenetic, immunomodulatory, supportive and palliative process
  • organ-and fertility-preserving procedures
  • radical methods of treatment

Examination and treatment procedures:

morphological and functional (eg, ultrasound, endoscopy) and noninvasive (eg, puncture,

biopsy) process of the genital organs and breast

organ-preserving and radical cancer surgery of the genitalia, such as debulking surgery,

Wertheim-OP, vulvectomy, inguinal lymphadenectomy, pelvin, paraaortic, exenteration

organ-preserving and radical cancer surgery of the breast

reconstructive surgery of the genitalia, the abdomen, and chest in the context

with cancer treatments

cytostatic, immunomodulatory, anti-hormonal therapy and supportive care cycles solid

tumors, including the control of gravity complications, occurring

cycles of chemotherapy, including subsequent monitoring

gynecological radiation-contact- therapy

psycho-oncological care, rehabilitation, and assessment

specific recurrence diagnosis and treatment

cancer follow-up

Main focus Special Obstetrics and Perinatal Medicine 

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

  • the detection and treatment of maternal and fetal disorders higher degree of difficulty including invasive and operational measures and the initial care of the vulnerable newborn
  • detection of fetomaternal risks
  • the detection and treatment of fetal developmental disorders, malformations, diseases
  • the treatment of “risk-pregnancies” and management of the risk of birth
  • advising the patient or the couple in targeted prenatal issues as well as advanced diagnostics

Examination and treatment procedures:
ultrasound examinations including Doppler sonography of the fetus and its vessels,
and fetal echocardiography monitoring at increased risk for the differentiated state of fetal diagnosis line of high-risk deliveries and obstetric emergencies, including emergency procedures and  resuscitation in the newborninvasive prenatal and perinatal interventions such as amniocentesis, chorion, umbilical cord   punctures, punctures of fetal body cavities, amniondrainagesoperative deliveries in high-risk pregnancies including the processing of the pelvis
presentation, supply complicated birth injury, re-sections and development of multiple births

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