Medical doctor’s career in Germany

A medical doctor’s career in Germany – there is hardly any other career path that is more flexible and reliable at the same time. There is a wealth of opportunities open to Medical graduates: besides employment in a hospital or in general practice, there are also jobs in research, in industry, in the public health service or in management consulting.

The practice-oriented high-quality Medical training in Germany enjoys an excellent reputation internationally and is integrated into a network of hospitals, universities, research institutes, and business enterprises. Teaching, patient care and research form an integrated system which benefits everyone – especially the student doctor.

Shortage of doctors creates career opportunities

Specialists trained in Germany enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world. They are in demand throughout the world in hospitals, medical care centers, in the public health services, in research institutes, and in the pharmaceutical sector. More and more medical doctors in Germany are opting for jobs in industry and research resulting in a large number of Specialist Training vacancies in hospitals, and in clinics.

Finding one jobless is a problem unlikely to be faced by doctors in Germany. The latest survey conducted by the German Medical Association showed that there is already a shortage of at least 6700 doctors. They estimate that by the year 2020, the replacement vacancies will reach a mind-boggling 51000! This means Germany will continue to need and welcome high-quality doctors from around the world.

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