Medical Terminology Exam Experience!!!

My experience in the Fachsprache (Medical Terminology examination) in the run-up to PG Med/Surgery in Germany follows:

The exam has 3 parts

  1. Arzt Patient Gesprache– Doctor to a Patient conversation
  2. Arztbrief– Medical Report
  3. Arzt Arzt Gesprache– Doctor to doctor conversation


In the first part, I was given a case “Brustschmerzen“(Chest pain) which began suddenly while the patient was working. I am supposed to take all the information of the patient in German including Past History, Medications and then suggest the tests which I would like to carry out. When I name the tests to be carried out the patient will normally ask what those tests are. For example in my case, I had to explain “Angiography” because I was suspecting MI. Prescribe Medication in case of emergency and recommend further medication after a result of the tests. All this information is very important because only with this information can you complete the next phase of the test.

Second Part you have to write all the history you got from the patient including using short forms and words that doctors understand. Between this test, you shall receive a phone call (phone is already in the room) and you will be given information which has to be passed to the Oberarzt(Managing Specialist) in the next phase of the test. For example, for me, it was “Herr Bachmann hat ein HB werte 5,2“. (Mr. Bachmann’s HB value is 5.2)

The third part you will be asked to give a short recollection of the case in German without looking at the paper. After that, they ask the differential diagnosis and the tests you want to do. They shall provide you with the test results of the patient and ask you for the diagnosis. A lot of general medical questions about the case and then they give a list of Short Forms used in everyday use in Hospitals. Eg – HWI, PPI. Each station is 20 minutes with the exam lasting an hour in total. Lots of luck to everyone preparing 🙂



Dr. A Rai

Dr. A Rai has since obtained Approbation and also a training position of his choice and is waiting for his work permit. He is a participant of our PGMP Batch-8 in Bonn, Germany. Dr. A Rai is a resident of Pune,  India.

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