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Hello everyone.

I would like to share my experience during Hospitation in Internal Medicine department in a hospital here in Germany and some things in the hospital, which I found are different from that in India. The day starts at 8:00 am sharp and the first thing will be a discussion with the assistant doctors( doing their specialization) of all the units in the department with the Chief doctors regarding the new admissions on the previous day and night. Then we would go to our respective units. The Unit in which I was posted had 20 beds. Then there would be doctor rounds. I observed that the doctors here spend relatively more time with each patient. The patients are really well informed and it is the rule here that the patients must be thoroughly explained regarding any medical procedure. It was challenging to get used to the normal pace of the language with the patients. I must say that our German medical terminology offered in the PGMP  and the German language course, which we did previously were quite useful.

Any invasive procedure including drawing blood and placing cannulas is the duty of a doctor here. Normally in hospitation, we are not entitled to carry out any medical procedures. But again, it also depends on the hospital and the doctors. The Chief and other doctors in my unit are nice and friendly and hence I could take up case histories, do the clinical examination, perform some medical procedures and assist in Endoscopies and Bronchoscopies. Documentation is another very important duty of a doctor and it takes a significant amount of work time daily. Apart from files, all the data of the patient( Case history, all the Lab and Diagnostic reports, previous history, Discharge letters etc) are stored in Computer with the help of a dedicated program. In the Afternoon we used to go to the Radiology department for a short discussion on the reports of all the procedures performed on the previous day. Later I used to go to the admissions department, where all the new patients who are referred to the Internal medicine department of the hospital get examined and admitted.

Another significant difference here is the clear demarcation of the outpatient and inpatient sectors. Normally the Hospitals don’t have outpatient departments. Outpatients are generally handled by separate clinics and family physicians and they are the ones who refer a patient to a hospital if a patient needs to be admitted.

The work environment is thoroughly professional. All the Nurses and other staff are treated with respect and no one is looked down upon. Overall my experience during the Hospitation is enriching and also helped me a lot in the Medical language exam (Fachsprachprüfung)

I thank  Mr. K.P. Ashok and associates in providing relevant guidance and assisting me towards my dream of Pg Training in Germany and wish my positive experience inspires you to take up this challenge.


Dr. K Verma

Dr. K Verma is a participant of our current PGMP batch in Bonn and is a resident of Andhra Pradesh, India. 

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