Our Alumni- PG Med Surgery in Germany


Dr. Soumya C                   – Internal Medicine– Kerala/India

Dr. L Joseph                    – Orthopedics–Kerala/India

Dr. K Prabhu                    – Gastroenterology–Kerala/India

Dr. Souranya J                 – Neurology–Kerala/India

Dr. Vineeth K                   –  Pulmonology–Kerala/India

Dr. Shaikh A                    – Internal Medicine–Kerala/India

Dr. S Shaju                     – Internal Medicine–Kerala/India

Dr. Azal L                        – Orthopedics & Trauma Surgery

Dr. Wael L                      – Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Abdulrehman N        – Internal Medicine

Dr. Ihsan                         – Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Sarmad A                 – Internal Medicine

Dr. Zulfa A                     – Obs.& Gynecology

Dr. Hayder J                   – Neurology

Dr. Abdullah S               – Opthalmology

Dr. Mohammad A          – Internal Medicine

Dr. Gishnu                       – Masters- Research–Kerala/India

Dr. Manoj K                   – Interventional Radiology–Telangana/India

Dr. Shijo J                       – Plastic Surgery–Kerala/India

Dr. Aashvin R                 – Gastric Surgery–New Delhi/India

Dr. K Verma                  – Internal Medicine–Telangana/India

Dr. Sumi B:                   – Internal Medicine–Kerala/India

Dr. Amith S                    – Radiology–Kerala/India

Dr. Godwin Roy              – Interventional Radiology–Kerala/India

Dr. Gayathri S                 – Internal Medicine(Onco)–Kerala/India

Dr. Sravan K                    – Surgery-Telangana/India

Dr. Gowri Kiran                – Surgery-Bengaluru/India

Dr. Vaseem K                   – Surgery-Kerala/India

Dr. Ashwini R                   – Surgery(Visceral)@Germany–Bengaluru/India

Dr.Nazia N.                      – Approbation Obtained@Germany–Bengaluru/India


Dr. Deepthi K                   – FSP Obtained@Germany–Bengaluru/India

Dr. Chirag B                    – FSP Obtained@Germany–Mumbai/India

Dr. Zia F                         – FSP Obtained@Germany–Mumbai/India

Dr. Najla N                      – FSP Obtained@Germany–Kerala/India

Dr. Sherry R T                 – FSP Obtained@Germany–Kerala/India

Dr. Narendradev              – FSP Obtained@Germany–Kerala/India

Dr. Afia M                        – FSP Obtained@Germany–Mumbai/India

Dr. Mandar K                  – FSP Obtained@Germany–Mumbai/India

Dr. Chinmay K                 – FSP Obtained@Germany–Pune/India

Dr Faiz S                        – FSP Obtained@Germany-Aurangabad/India

Dr. Neha H                        – FSP Obtained@Germany–New Delhi/India

Dr. Vasavi C N                  – FSP Obtained@Germany–Bengaluru/India

Dr. Sunaina J                    – FSP Obtained@Germany–Kerala/India


Dr. Kaushik E                   – PGMP@FastTrack@India–New Delhi/India

Dr. Thulasidhar Reddy    – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany-Telangana/India

Dr. Robin T                      – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Kerala/India

Dr. Ronald J                      – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Kerala/India

Dr. Nithin Koshy                 – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Kerala/India

Dr Rohin P T                     – PGMP@FastTrack@IGermany–Kerala/India

Dr. Sharlotte G V                – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Manglore/India

Dr. Ujash Naik                    – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Mumbai/India

Dr Chintan B                       – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Mumbai/India

Dr. Deepak R                   – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Kerala/India

Dr. Jevin G                       – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Kerala/India

Dr. Fazin A                        – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Kerala/India

Dr Gayatri K                     – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Telangana/India

Dr. Girish K D                  – PGMP@FastTrack@Germany–Kerala/India


Dr. Vineet  G                     – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Telangana/India

Dr. A.  Kidwai                    – PGMP@FastTrack@India–New Delhi/India

Dr. Julious Jose                 – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Dubai/India

Dr. Sumantha N                 – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Telangana/India

Dr. P Kawaskar                – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Pondicherry/India

Dr. Rohith P                     – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Kerala/India

Dr. Kathleen C                – PGMP@FastTrack@Manila- Philippines

Dr Jayan B                      – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Gujarat/India

Dr Khushboo J                – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Rajasthan/India

Dr Krunal M                    – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Gujarat/India

Dr Shevonne A               – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Mumbai/India

Dr Suyash R                   – PGMP@FastTrack@India–Mumbai/India

Dr Joe M                          -PGMP@FastTrack@India- Chennai

Dr Deepak M                   -PGMP@FastTrack@India-Chennai

Dr Kriti G                         -PGMP@FastTrack@Delhi-India

Dr Thomas C P               -PGMP@FastTrack@Kerala-India

Dr Niral S                        -PGMP@FastTrack@Gujarat-India

Dr Varun V                      -PGMP@FastTrack@Pune-India

Dr Nishin O                    -PGMP@FastTrack@Kerala-India

Dr Don J -PGMP@FastTrack@Kerala-India

Dr Rachit B -PGMP@FastTrack@New Delhi-India

Dr Varsha V -PGMP@FastTrack@Kerala-India

Dr Tanay P                        -PGMP@FastTrack@Mumbai-India

Dr Jeremy J                      -PGMP@FastTrack@Mumbai-India

Dr Vijay S                         -PGMP@FastTrack@Pune-India

Our Salient features:

  1. We enjoy a consistent 100% PG Placement record till date. 
  2. We enjoy a 100% Visa approval rate till date.
  3. Our Preparatory program is designed to take you from C1 to PG position + Work-permit in one stretch. No need for multiple trips to India(home-country) for Visa renewals. 
  4. We offer the most economical and value for money program. We have small batches resulting in close attention.
  5. ALL our students clear the Approbation examination before they start PG Training.
  6. Our students have obtained positions in highly coveted branches like Plastic Surgery, Radiology etc.
  7. Our average placement time is 11 months- This is the shortest in the industry. 


IF you have a UG Medical degree(MBBS or Equivalent) and have the will and ability to work hard, we welcome you to join our program to obtain a place in PG Medicine/Surgery program in Germany.


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