Specialisation – Surgery Cardiac

Knowledge, experience and skills in:

the contents of the basic surgical training in the area the prevention, diagnosis, operative and postoperative treatment and rehabilitation of diseases, injuries and injuries, malformations of the heart, near the heart, vessels and the mediastinum and lung in connection with cardiac surgery measures of rehabilitation after surgical treatment, including immunosuppression and treat organ rejection after transplanting the indication for surgical and conservative treatment including risk assessment and prognostic evaluation basics of minimally invasive therapy the collection of intraoperative radiological control, taking into account the findings of radiation protection the basics of diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease and terminal diseases of the heart and lungs the application of circulatory assist systems the indication for heart, lung and heart-lung transplantation including technical foundations of cardiac assist systems

  • examination and treatment procedures based training
  • electrocardiogram
  • sonographic examinations of the thorax organs including Doppler-/Duplex- examinations of the heart and great vessels
  • echocardiography
  • intra-operative radiological diagnosis, taking into account the control of radiation protection
  • system, implementation, and monitoring of extracorporeal circulation and circulatory assist systems
  • execution of diagnostic procedures, intubation, central venous catheter systems, arterial cannulation/puncture, chest drainage systems of, punctures of pleura, pericardium, and lung

  • application of techniques including beam Tung at weaning uncomplicated disease progression
  • documented regimen for parenteral and enteral nutrition
  • operations with or willingness of extracorporeal circulation, whereof:
    on coronary vessels
    Including reconstruction of the mitral valve
    At the aortic valve and/or aorta ascendancy / mitral valve/coronary
    In congenital heart defects
  • operations without the use of extracorporeal circulation, whereof:
    Anastomosis and reconstruction of the thoracic vessels, including aortic aneurysms Transvenous pacemaker implantations/defibrillators (AICD) Operations on the thorax associated with cardiac surgery, chestwallresectioneg, chest stabilization, excision of foreign bodies, surgery for thoracic injuries
  • Operations on the lungs and mediastinum in relation to the adjacent cardiac surgery
  • Operations on peripheral blood vessels associated with cardiac surgery interventions, such as the reconstruction of peripheral vessels after the use of circulatory assist systems and/or extracorporeal circulation