Congrats Dr Shijo- Plastic Surgery Germany!!!

Another piece of exciting and encouraging news from Bonn; Dr. Shijo J, participant of PGMP batch 9 called me last night to inform that he has obtained a  PG Placement of his choice, in Plastic Surgery!!!

While this in itself is no mean achievement, the icing on the cake is that he managed to obtain this in one of the top University teaching hospitals in Germany. A training position in this hospital is coveted among German doctors as well and only the very best manage to get training positions. To put this in perspective, foreign doctors training in this hospital constitute less than 1% of the total trainees.  We are proud of you Shijo!!!!

We are fortunate to have hardworking and brilliant clients like him and this also proves that our initial screening process is effective in attracting the most suitable candidates.

With this placement, PGMP-9 enjoys a 100% success record.

  • Candidates under preparation for PGMP-10 should take inspiration from this and continue working hard. Pay close attention to the online Medical Terminology lessons. I will very soon initiate your visa preparation process.
  • Doctors learning German and aspiring to train in Germany should contact for initial screening without any more delay.

Dr. Shijo has offered to post a detailed testimonial of his Approbation examination and interview experience. Watch this space.

I wish him all success in his future endeavors.


Dr. Shijo is a resident of Kerala, India.

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2 thoughts on “Congrats Dr Shijo- Plastic Surgery Germany!!!

  1. hello am a medical student in the Caribbean island, but am a Nigerian. can i do my specialization in orthopedics surgery in Germany

    1. Hi Akinde

      You can do it provided you obtain a License to Practise from the country of graduation/Home country.

      All the best.


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