Placement update

Our batch of Indian doctors saw two more placements this week of Dr. Shaju S & Dr. Shaikh A, both in branches of their choice in Internal Medicine.  With this, all seven candidates of this particular batch have been placed. The details as below:

  1. Dr. Linoy J:- Internal Medicine
  2. Dr. Souranya:- Neurology
  3. Dr. Soumya:- Oncology
  4. Dr. K Prabhu: –Gastroenterology 
  5. Dr. V K Thomas:- Internal Medicine
  6. Dr. Shaju S:- Internal Medicine
  7. Dr. Shaikh A:- Internal Medicine


All of them have obtained Work-permits as well.

We are proud of them as they got their respective placement well before the stipulated time and congratulate them for all the hard work they put in the past few months. We delivered another 100% success batch.

Friends, I hope this news energizes you to work harder on the language program. All of you who are currently enrolled for FAST -TRACK need to keep up their hard work and improve on a daily basis. Assignments should be completed and submitted on time, every time.

Those of you who have obtained positive screening should immediately sign up for the FAST TRACK without wasting any more time to ensure your place in the next batch. TIME IS CRUCIAL & COMPETITION INCREASES WITH TIME.


Those of you who are planning to train in Germany shall immediately contact for the initial screening.

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