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About Germany:

  • Germany is situated in the center of Europe – making it highly accessible from around the world. The country has a strong tradition of excellence within a technological development and offers a wide variety of opportunities for students wishing to study.
  • Germany has one of the world’s strongest economies and offers an innovative research and education landscape. At the same time, it has a strong creative economy and a dynamic cultural scene.
  • Germany is also India’s largest EU business partner, especially for machinery, automobiles, chemical and electrical products as well as IT.
  • Germany has more than 300 institutions of higher education; it is one of the topmost countries in the field of research, science, and technology.


Why Study in PG in Germany?

  • Qualifications earned from German Universities are renowned worldwide leading to excellent career opportunities in PG in Germany. The best part is, most courses have ZERO TUITION FEES enabling deserving students to study course of their choice like Medicine Specialization, PG in Germany in reputed Universities for no or little cost.
  • Germany has much to offer as a place to study. German Universities offer more than 13000 courses including Aviation, Engineering, Medicine, IT & Computer Science, Business Management, Hospitality and many creative programs at Bachelor ’s, Masters and Doctoral level PG(Post graduation). In short, any kind of specialized courses can be found in Universities in Germany.
  • The Universities in Germany offer many services to International students including assistance with finding suitable accommodation, internships & Part-time jobs and any other assistance students may be required during their studies of PG in Germany.

  • German Universities provide excellent opportunities to researchers from around the world who also teach at the University. This helps the students to learn the latest advancements in their fields of study.
  • Universities maintain a relationship with industries and help them develop and manufacture new products and services. This benefits the students as they are able to keep ahead of the needs of the market making their education highly marketable.
  • German Universities have exchange programs with all reputed Universities around the world. Students get the opportunity to study a semester or a year with partner Universities in other countries.
  • Students are legally allowed to work part-time during their studies. All the students eventually manage to find part-time jobs which help them in managing their living expenses on their own.
  • Germany is a part of the Schengen region, students are allowed to travel freely in the Schengen countries like France, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc.
  • Students get a one-year work permit after the course to find jobs. After this, the visa can be extended for two more years, after that three more years resulting in permanent residency.



  1. How popular is PG in  Germany as a study destination?
    Germany is an extremely popular education destination. You will find students from all over the world studying in German Universities for PG.
  2. Why should I study in PG in Germany?
    German education is recognized worldwide and the courses are up-to-date with a strong industry and market relevancy.
  3. What is the language of instruction in German Universities?
    Most courses in Germany are offered in German though there are a few courses offered in English.
  4. What are the average tuition fees in Universities in Germany?
    Most courses conducted by State Universities are either free or have nominal tuition fees. Most courses conducted in English carry a substantial tuition fees.
  5. What courses are offered in Germany and at what levels?
    A-Z. Medicine, Engineering, Management, IT, Physical and Social sciences, hospitality, Art $ Design etc. In fact, there are no courses which are NOT offered in Germany. You can study at Bachelor’s, Masters and at doctoral levels.
  6. How will I fund my studies?
    You can either fund by your own money or by a bank loan.
  7. Who will help me in applying to Universities?
    We have extensive experience in the admission process of German Universities and will help you in applying.
  8. Who will help me apply for Visa?
    We are experienced in the Visa process and will assist you.
  9. Where will I stay during my studies?
    You can either stay in University hostels, with German families or in youth hostels. Many students hire apartments and stay in groups and share the costs.
  10. I do not know German Language, so how will I study PG in Germany?
    We will provide you admission in one of the best German language school in Berlin which will ensure that you learn quick and enough to enter University.
  11. Can I work while I study?
    YES. You are allowed to work 180 half days or 90 full days in a year.
  12. How can I get part-time jobs? How much will I earn?
    Our associates in Berlin have a placement counseling service and will guide you through the steps of finding suitable part-time jobs. You can also find it through the advertisements in newspapers. Such jobs will also be displayed in the University. Earnings vary with jobs, but usually, you can earn enough to cover your living expenses.
  13. Do you guarantee admissions and Visa?
    We pre-select our students so that we have 100% admission rate. Our Visa success rate is more than 98%.
  14. What is the minimum eligibility criterion?
    You need to have scored at least 60% in your final exams to avail our service i.e. PG in Germany.
  15. What is the duration of the German language course?
    It will vary from 5-9 months.
  16. Can I work in Germany after my studies?
    YES. You will get a one-year work-search visa after your course which can be extended by 2+3 years. When you work for 5 years, you will qualify to apply for Permanent residency.

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