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Medical Terminology exam (Fachsprachprufung) is now a “Mini” Approbation exam(Kenntnisprufung)

We offer an integrated Medical language exam (FSP) & Equivalency exam (Kenntnisprüfung-KP) preparation program in Germany. This unique approach goes a long way in maintaining our 100% success record.

Ground reality: FSP has become “Mini-KP”

In the past, most foreign doctors in Germany took a sequential approach; First, they attended an FSP course, mostly at a language school in Germany, then took the medical language exam(FSP), and subsequently enrolled in a preparatory course for the medical equivalency exam (Kenntnisprüfung). However, this strategy is now becoming less and less effective, which can be ascertained by the high failure rates of candidates still sticking to this conventional and outdated approach.

“Knowing how to talk gives you entry to the exam, but knowing what to talk determines the result!”

Over the last two years, FSP (Fachsprachprufung) has evolved from a mere medical language test to a profound examination of a foreign doctor’s ability to proficiently communicate and act in a manner conforming to cultural nuances in a German hospital environment and doing PG in Germany. Moreover, the last part of the FSP exam, which simulates the presence of a patient’s record by a PG doctor to senior specialists Doctors, has developed into a “mini-medical equivalency exam”. Let’s explore the reasons behind the stiffening of standards to such exacting levels.

Firstly, because real-life surveys conducted in German hospitals have been showing that a large number foreign doctors are not able to match up with the expectations of the job pointing for PG in Germany to the need of tighter quality standards for Assistant Doctors(Pg Trainees). Secondly, medical graduates from European countries(EU), by general academic regulations, are automatically granted Approbation without equivalency exam and only need to pass FSP. However again, real-life surveys in hospitals have shown, Medical programs taught outside Germany and within the EU do little to equip the doctor in German Medical law or the finesse of Emergency room communications of German hospitals, just like the programs taught outside the EU. So, what started as a trend to ensure standards of foreign doctors with EU qualifications has now become the defacto standard of the  FSP exam applicable to all foreign doctors.  Hence, FSP(Fachsprachprufung)  is now a mini-KP.

Consequences: The  Sequential approach: FSP (Fachsprachprufung) followed by KP course has become outdated

Nowadays, medical language books and courses are the fundamental basics for PG in Germany. But they are not enough anymore to pass FSP. FSP(Fachsprachprufung)  comes before KP. No passing FSP(Fachsprachprufung), no chance to get exam appointment for KP. FSP (Fachsprachprufung) has become the gatekeeper for the overcrowded KP applications. So the sequential approach has outlived its time.

Requirement and Solution:

Medical language, communication,  intercultural skills, and medical knowledge must be provided in tandem. This requires a sophisticated balance between language and knowledge of PG training, a well-aligned curriculum, and qualified medical teaching staff at all levels. We have been following this integrated approach for the past two years and our Medical specialist students continue to reap the benefits of this approach during Post-Graduate Training in Germany.

Dr. K Peteriet,

Bonn, Germany.

Dr. Petereit is our Principal and Program director of PGMP, in Bonn. She has guided more than 100 young medical doctors to achieve their dream of PG training in Germany.

Memberships and Associations:

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Qualitat – German Association of Quality Management
  • International Evaluator for DAAD- The German Academic Exchange Service.
  • Fullbright Alumni Association.
  • Rotary International.

Her firm belief and formula for success are: Winning the competition for a high-quality PG Medical training position in Germany – and successfully performed at the job – works like sports: Those who train hardest and smartest will perform best in the game.


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