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Hello Everyone!

I am Dr. Neha H. from New Delhi, India.  I completed my MBBS from Mangalore, Karnataka in September 2016. During my college days, I was always intrigued by how outcome-based research has evolved over the years and changed the way we doctors can impact the lives of patients positively. I had then and there decided to pursue this aspect of Medical Specialization parallel to my clinical medical practice.

So when I started exploring options, on options to do post-graduation, Germany came up at the top of the list! The cutting-edge technology and Research in Patient Care could definitely help me in achieving my life goals.

It was then that I read about Fib Med on the internet and about their Pathway program (PGMP) for foreign doctors aspiring to undertake SPECIALIST/PG Training in Germany.  I decided to give a call to their Director, Mr. K.P. Ashok at their Indian center in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He explained the full program in detail for PG in Germany and various Medical Specializations and finally, I was admitted into the Pathway program (PGMP) after successfully clearing the Initial Screening and my profile assessment over Skype.

And so I started learning German on 28th November 2017, at a private language institute in New Delhi. To be very honest, in the beginning, I had lots of self-doubts on whether I will be able to master the language to a level expected of doctors in Germany.  But to my pleasant surprise, the language was not so difficult after all. The Grammar was really interesting and the more I practiced speaking, the more confident I became. A very important part in my being able to speak German fluently goes to Frau Becker (Medical Terminology teacher of Fib_med), with whom I Skype every month. Her constant encouragement and practice lessons not only abled me to grasp the language along with Medical Terminology.  On May 5th, 2018, I gave my B2 exam and successfully cleared it!

And then started the Visa process and like all doctors, I was also told that I would require the Defizitbescheid to be able to attain 17A, professional Training Visa. I consider myself lucky to be enrolled in Fib_Med because Mr. Ashok and the Fib_Med team in Bonn guided me through all the steps of PG in Germany.I was given a checklist of documents and detailed instructions on filling up the application forms, which were then verified for errors by Frau Machmueller (FiB-Med course coordinator).  Thanks to this meticulous planning and execution, I received my Defizitbeschied within 6 days of application. And then, I applied for the Visa with full assistance and was also given multiple mock interview sessions by Mr. Ashok and Frau Petereit (Director, Fib_med) which helped me tackle all questions thrown at me at the visa interview with poise and confidence and my visa arrived within a few weeks of application. Also, note that I completed a C1 course during the waiting period of B2 results to Visa issuance and also completed many lessons and assignments on the Approbation exam subjects provided to me. I arrived in Bonn on the 2nd of November and my accommodation was reserved by FiB well in advance.

Many of my friends have also enrolled with Fib_med based on my experience.  My only advice would be to keep working hard and have a never give up attitude until you achieve your dreams of successfully attaining PG in Germany.


Dr. Neha will now undergo further preparation on FSP, will attend numerous workshops and seminars on the same conducted by German Medical Specialists, will complete a 30 day Internship in a hospital before she attempts the  FSP(Exam). Further, she will undergo intensive preparation for Approbation (exam). She is expected to obtain a PG position in the next 8-10 months. WE wish her all the best.


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