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Strahlenschutz literally means RADIATION PROTECTION. This topic covers the complex and the very strict rules and regulations concerning the protection of patients and medical staff from radiation exposure, primarily through X-ray.

The German “Strahlenschutzgrundverordnung” is the framework which sets all the rules and regulations which all medical doctors and associate hospital staff must be familiar with. Its contents range from the basic principles of Radiation Physics to the concepts of radiation doses &   Dosimetry, biological effects of radiation exposure, principles of radiation protection in hospitals, technical device features, protective measure in x-ray diagnostics, indications for x-ray diagnostics, legal information requirements for x-ray risks et al.

Radiation protection is an essential topic for all medical specializations and levels, and its knowledge is mandatory for any Specialization and is an explicit part of the KP(Kenntnisprufung – Equivalence Exam) exam requirements. Even in the FSP (Fachsprachprufung– Medical Terminology Exam) questions on how to inform the (simulation) patient about potential risks of indicated x-ray diagnostics and how to consider the number of previous exposures, have been asked.

Our (the FIB Niche Med-Program) includes intensive Strahlenschutz-Workshop for Post-Graduation in Germany. This workshop is conducted by the Head of the Radiation Protection Department of a large University teaching hospital. He quizzes the participants on how they would deal with any X-ray topics in a real-life hospital situation and discusses important differences between the Indian and German system. And on Why to quiz and discuss instead of Teach? Teaching is for young students. Our participants are qualified Medical doctors. Based on our rich and long experience of preparing foreign doctors aspiring to undergo PG Medical/Surgery training in Germany, the participants are provided with the study materials prior to all workshops, they go through the materials themselves and then face the German medical specialists with ready-for- discussion insight and questions. Hence, the Radiation protection workshop is a lively discussion among experienced specialists and young medical doctors, and not a boring teacher-student setting where the flow of information is mostly one-way. Our method allows the senior medical specialist to reach a much deeper level of content coverage. This pays off in the exams. While possessing a knowledge and the ability to reproduce it in a final exam is enough for university graduation, the ability to professionally and confidently converse about medical topics with senior specialists is the key to passing FSP and KP Exam. If you can explain in detail why a dosimeter is obligatory for x-ray department personnel and also talk about safe doses of exposure,  how exactly X-Ray may harm a pregnant woman and foetus more than ultrasound, and if a pregnant medical doctor is sufficiently protected by a lead shield, then you’re ready for the Strahlenschutz-Workshop and the exam challenges of PG in Germany.

Our two-way participatory workshops contribute a lot towards maintaining our 100% success records in PG in Germany, among other factors. If you are a young doctor aspiring to make your career as a Specialist in the world-class training environment which Germany offers, we offer you the best most successful pathway program to ensure that you achieve your dream in Medical Specialization in Germany in the shortest possible time.

Dr. K Peteriet,

Bonn, Germany.

Dr. Petereit is our Principal and Program director of PGMP, in Bonn. She has guided more than 100 young medical doctors to achieve their dream of PG training in Germany.

Memberships and Associations:

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Qualitat – German Association of Quality Management
  • International Evaluator for DAAD- The German Academic Exchange Service.
  • Full bright Alumni Association.
  • Rotary International.

Her firm belief and formula for success are: Winning the competition for a high-quality PG Medical training position in Germany – and successfully performing at the job – works like sports: Those who train hardest and smartest will perform best in the game.

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