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I am Dr. S. Jayan, resident of Kerala, India. I completed MBBS from Karnataka, India in September 2016.

After completing my undergraduate, like every Indian Doctor, I was looking out for options to do my Post graduation. After surplus research, my options narrowed down to a few and Germany topping the list. I realized that Germany offers Medical Programs that provides the flexibility needed for such a large and rapidly changing area. Moreover, Germany has a high reputation in terms of exceptional educational standards and research activities. This gives every doctor the opportunity to challenge themselves and become a world class doctor. These factors persuaded me to decide that PG in Germany is the best option for further medical training.

But the first ticket to fulfill these dreams is the Language! Learning a foreign Language was definitely a big task. Honestly, when I started I didn’t know how far I could learn the language, but my will to pursue my studies for PG in Germany motivated me to learn the German language. And in a few classes, I realized that it’s a very interesting language and if trained well it’s not difficult to get well versed with. From October 2017 I did my initial two levels (A1 and A2) in Qatar Inlingua and after a small break, I moved to New Delhi and from February 2018 did an intensive Language training (B1 and B2) in Private Institute. On July 4, 2018, I cleared my B2 exam successfully.

During my language training for PG in Germany. I came to know about FibNicheMed via the internet and their dedicated Pathway Program for foreign doctors interested to do Specialist training in Germany. I called up the Director, Mr. K.P Ashok at their Indian center in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He briefed me about the entire course and it met all the requirements that I was looking for and it suited me completely.

I was enrolled into the Program after successful initial screening and my profile assessment through Skype. I had a good session with the Director of FibNicheMed and she too gave a complete outlook over the course.

The best part of FibNicheMed is that they guide you from the very first day of enrollment. Every week I used to receive lessons both based on language as well as Medicine related. This way I was aware of what I will be getting in to and of course that motivated me to perform better. Our feedbacks were also assessed timely. I also had monthly Skype sessions with Frau Becker. These sessions were very helpful because we discussed Medical topics which we had to prepare before every session. This way I could also improve my language proficiency. We are also given links to books and websites in order to boost Medical language training.

The next hurdle after the Language training is the Visa process and DefizitBescheid. Since I applied for Visa from Qatar the process was a bit different but Fib Med helped me throughout especially in obtaining DefizitBescheid. They provided us with a detailed explanation of every step to obtain the visa and Defizitbescheid. The meticulous process seemed very simple under their guidance and without any hindrance, I obtained my Visa and am traveling to Germany on the 6th of Dec. 2018.

It’s time to move to Germany and gear up for the last phase. I am planning to opt for Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist in Germany and confident that FibNicheMed program will equip me with all skills and knowledge to achieve my dream.

With Self-motivation, Hard work, dedication, Punctuality and guidance from FibNicheMed, then nothing can stop u from achieving a PG training position in Germany and become an accomplished Medical Specialist. Always believe in yourself and Never Give up!

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2 thoughts on “S. Jayan’s Testimonial

  1. How much time did it take you to acquire a training position after clearing FSP and KP in Germany? What was the application and recruitment procedure for a position like?

    1. Hello Joseph

      Passing FSP/KP is not a sure-shot quick ticket to obtaining a Good Training position. This depends on the general qualities of the candidate and how well is one prepared to tackle interviews. We offer Job Placement Training as part of our Pathway Program. Our candidates obtain relevant training positions in a average of 1-3 months.

      Please check you email for the Qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany.


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