Dr.Ujash naik Testamonial

I’m an M.B.B.S doctor from Mumbai, India. I did my medical studies in China and later passed the FMGE examination and obtained registration in the Medical Council of India.

I completed B2 level in the German language in 7 months at a private institute near Mumbai and appeared for the Goethe exams as an External candidate. It’s important to maintain continuity in lessons. If one takes a break from learning any language half-way, it could disrupt the ability to grasp the language, which will eventually lead to wastage of time.

Since I was enrolled for the Fast Track online module, I received great support from Frau Becker and Dr.Petereit, with whom I attended the Skype sessions on Medical Terminology. These sessions are very informative helped me understand the German Health care system and Medical terminology during my language training phase. This is a big advantage as I had a good grasp on Medical Terminology even before I went to Germany.  Mr.Ashok guided me through various important steps to be taken in India including documents preparation for Visa and mock sessions for visa interviews. Emails from Frau Machmueller on a regular basis regarding the latest medical studies along with home-works were helpful.

I received the forms and the list of documents required to be filled for Dezitbescheid through emails. After preparing all the documents, I was asked to email the ”filled documents” for verification to Frau Machmueller. After verification, all the documents were couriered to

Germany for translation and submission at the Bezirksregierung. I got the Defizt within a month.

After receiving the Defizit, one can apply for a visa interview and have mock visa interview sessions with Mr.Ashok and Dr.Petereit. These sessions are very essential and play a vital role for a successful Visa interview.

To all the doctors aspiring to be a specialist, I would like to convey an important message, that nothing is impossible. With a proper investment of time and knowledge, one can accomplish learning a new language and adapting to a new culture.



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    1. Hello Dr Phani Krishna

      I have mailed the basic Qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Kindly check and respond.


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