Dr chintan bhavsars testamonial

Dear PG aspirants!

I am Dr.Chintan Bhavsar from Mumbai, India. I have completed my MBBS from Pravara Medical College, Loni, Maharashtra in 2014.

When I considered going abroad for PG, I came in contact with Mr.Ashok, who gave me an overview of the procedure that one needs to go through in order to acquire the medical license. After doing a lot of research, I chose Germany for my PG Training as it provides an integrated and flexible pathway for the PG. It gives an on the job training which means there are no hefty admission fees but instead a handsome income.  Moreover, there are currently many opportunities for foreign doctors there. Equal opportunities lie in both medical as well as surgical fields.

I began learning Language on 19th June 2018 in a private institution in New Delhi. Learning the German language was a smooth and fun experience for me. Thanks to all the excellent teachers there who made it very simple. In addition to my regular language classes, the weekly tasks (as part of the FastTrack online module) given to me by FiBmed have helped me greatly as an excellent supplement to improve my language. Monthly Skype sessions with Mrs.Becker have helped me not only to improve my language but also given me a platform where I can assess myself and gain. Through 1 hr discussion about medical as well as non-medical topics provided me confidence. Therefore I highly recommend that one should make the best of these unique features that FiBmed provides. With these methods, equal importance is given to all for aspects of learning a language. i. e. Reading, writing, listening and speaking. From my experience, I can say that if one follows the teacher’s guidance and complete weekly tasks given by FiBmed and attend monthly Skype sessions, language learning will be a productive experience.

After clearing B2, began the process of application of visa and Approbation. These applications were made very simple by FiBmed with help of a simple but detailed presentation and illustrated instructions. Due to proper guidance, I received my Defizitbescheid within 5 days after my documents were sent to Regierungsbezirke by FiBmed. Multiple mock visa interviews were conducted with Mr Ashok and Dr Petereit (in English as well as in German), which made me confident before the real interview.

In the beginning, it may seem impossible or scary, especially the thought of communicating with a patient with a fluency similar to your mother tongue. Instead of worrying about the future, concentrating on one level at a time helps. Just hang in there, things will get clear. Do not give up and work really hard.

With these experiences, I highly recommend FiBmed Program to all doctors aspiring for PG in Germany. I am thankful to Niche International team for their immense support, especially to Mr Ashok who has always been available even on weekends if I had any questions even a small one.



Thanks and Regards,

Dr ChintanBhavsar


8 thoughts on “Niche International will remain etched In My Memory

  1. Hi Chintan,
    Was very happy to read your review. I m a pediatrician and my wife pathologist, are staying in solapur, maharashtra. My daughter is presently doing internship in DY patil, kolhapur.
    She is very keen to do pg in germany.
    My concerns are:
    1. Safety as a single lady in germany
    2. Cost of the training and all processes till she gets approbation and permanent work permit.
    3. Choosing state/institution for proper training.
    4. Paid/unpaid hospitation during B2 to C1 level.

    1. Our Pathway program(PGMP) will help your daughter obtain the required Qualification profile and the skills necessary to obtain a training position in Germany. Dr Chintan B is also a participant of the program.

      Germany is a multicultural country. Our training location is in Bonn(Central Bonn). We have more girls than boys in our batch and you need not have any concerns about safety. It’s a truly cosmopolitan society. Please rest assured.

      Please check your email and respond to the Qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Please check your SPAM folder, just in case.

      Hope this helps.


    1. Hi

      There is not way to predict where on will undergo PG Training in advance. You will apply to hospitals after you obtain Approbation(Registration) in Germany. These applications will be against vacancies(do not follow any academic year schedule). You will be offered the post depending on your profile and performance at the interview. We prepare doctors to acquire the qualification profile and the skill set to obtain these training jobs.

      Please check your email and respond to the Qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Please check your SPAM folder, just in case.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Dear Sir

        i am Indian and my son is doing his medical studies (5th sem) in Georgia.
        Would like to go for PG in Cardiac Surgery and like to know:

        >Procedure/process to get admission for PG
        >name of colleges/universities offering PG course in cardiac surgery
        > any facility to work and study at Germany
        > Cost of living and cost of tuition fees
        > Course period
        >Is MCI approval or registration is required for PG studies in Germany

        1. Hello Mr Nair

          FMGE + Internship + MCI Registration is mandatory.

          I have mailed the basic Qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Kindly check and respond.


  2. Iam mbbs graduate want to pursue pg trianing in germany i have a query about what are the possibilities or opportunities in india after completion of pg trianing in germany is it recognised in india

    1. Hello Dr Sudhakar

      1. German PG Med/ Surgery programs are listed in the Schedule 3, which is the list of foreign PG qualifications recognized by the MCI. You should also verify this on the MCI website.

      2. However, Indian doctors training in Germany do not find it a good option to come back to India to work because Germany offers a more satisfying professional career, personal life and higher standard of living for self and family. Since German PG qualifications are also recognized
      in the EU, Switzerland & Norway directly, they also have the option to work in these countries.

      I have mailed the basic Qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Kindly check and respond.


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