I discovered the FIBMed( Niche International) training program on the internet while researching PG options in Germany. After talking to Mr Ashok, who cleared all my doubts on PG Surgery Training in Germany and reviewing the steps contained in the program, I was convinced that FIBMed med was the most comprehensive training program suitable of doctors aspiring to apply for PG Med/Surgery training in Germany.
They put me in touch with an excellent German tutor and I cleared all my language exams with ease. I also got timely assistance with my documentation and application, for the Defizitbeschied and Visa, which was the most difficult part for me at least. I came out learning so much more about the process. They were always available to clear doubts and confirm steps, when in doubt and were just a phone call /Whatsapp message away. With their assistance, I got my Defizitbeschied & Visa with no hiccups and in good time.
FIBMed also ensured I was a step ahead by sending articles and making me participate in various assignments sent online, in the German language. A huge thanks to Frau Becker who was most understanding of my limitations and for giving constructive feedback which helped me greatly improve my German medical terminology skills and confidence.
The entire process is geared to make students go above and beyond just basic requirements to clear examinations. By the end of the course, you are not just prepared to clear exams but skilled to do so. My entire journey so far has been pleasant and clear.
Although passing the exams, in the end, is a lot of hard work on the students part, It helps to know that one is being guided by highly experienced & comp├ętent professionals who enjoy 100% pass rates.
I will begin on-site preparation in FIBMed campus in Bonn from 8th of July.
A very special thanks to Mr Ashok, Ms Annie, Dr Petereit, Frau Becker and Frau Macmuller for their efforts and invaluable advice.

Dr Gayathri K is a resident of Hyderabad, India and joined the PGMP batch in Bonn on the 4th of July 2019.

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