Dr Kalyan varma

Hello people, this is Dr.Kalyan, from Andhra Pradesh, India. I would like to share my experience with Mr. K P. Ashok of www.medicaltrainingingermany.com/  Niche  International.  I started the process for doing post-graduation in medicine in Germany a year back. I began learning the German language at Goethe Zentrum and simultaneously looked for information over the internet. Owing to the lack of proper information about the process from seniors and Internet, I’ve met quite a number of consultancies during that period who made many tall promises and in the bargain, I obtained two German Visa refusals!

Fortunately, it was during this low period one of my friends introduced me to  Mr. K.P. Ashok.  He has extensive experience,  quite knowledgeable and didn’t make any tall promises. His counselling helped me in getting the exact picture of the situation in Germany, the prerequisites and the challenges ahead. His services are prompt and very honest.  As a matter of fact, I’ve never met Mr. Ashok in person, our conversations were only through phone and Skype. That is the amount of trust that he was able to generate. His mock sessions before the visa interview also helped me a lot to prepare for the actual visa interview. Dr. K Peteriet and Ms. Battaglia, associates of Mr. K.P. Ashok in Germany equally contributed to my preparation. They also connected me with a few Indian doctors in Germany who shared their experience with me. They helped me in getting the right orientation. I’ve finished my B2 German language, received my German National visa a short while ago and joining PGMP April 2015 batch. I’m looking forward to all the challenges ahead. I would recommend ‘Niche International’ any day for the kind of professional, knowledgeable and honest services they provide. I am confident of obtaining my preferred branch of specialization in Germany under their able guidance.

Thank you so much for guiding me in the right path towards my dream of PG Specialist Training in Germany!

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