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I am Dr Mandar Khopkar and am a resident of Mumbai, Maharashtra. I have completed my MBBS from the Russian Federation and have also qualified the Foreign medical graduate entrance examination in India. I had always wanted to go abroad for my post-graduate studies and Germany seemed a very viable option for the same. I did my language training till  B2 in Goethe, Mumbai.

The initial German language levels were not a challenge for me, having learned Russian in the past. But the last two levels are where a higher skill set is required. Overall, the language learning experience can only be rewarding if one thoroughly enjoys the learning process and is not just learning for the sake of getting placed somewhere in Germany. I would suggest private coaching over the Goethe structured levels, as one can directly clear B2 in a shorter span of time through private coaching; while the Goethe levels, though exhaustive and engaging are just too time-consuming.

The visa experience in Mumbai was a test of patience in my case. I was given a wide window of 0 to 12 weeks post my Visa interview to wait for the approval and it finally came through after 12 weeks. The application procedure is in itself nightmarish as the date of appointment of visa interviews are hard to come by. Unfortunately, there is no way around this yet. However, I later realized that the delay in my case was due to the high number of applications during the time and it has normalized since with my friend getting his visa under 2 weeks.

All in all, the help provided by Mr Ashok was invaluable and he was always available on the phone for numerous queries and doubts. He helped me through the visa application procedures and kept me abreast of the new developments on the front of post-graduation in Germany. I have enrolled for the postgraduate mentoring program provided by them which consists of C1 level language training in Bonn coupled with Medical Terminology, Hospitation, approbation training, and the Job Placement training module, culminating with the work-permit approval. The course has had a 100% success rate with previous applicants, I am hoping for the same!


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