Dr Shijo J

Hi, I am Dr. Shijo J and received my German Visa for PGMP program – Jan 2016. I would like to thank MR K P. ASHOK immensely for this. The guidance and the confidence that he imparted from the very beginning of this procedure, has helped me pave my way to a successful start with PGMP.

I had started  German language training 2 years back and had been misled by several other agents which eventually led to Visa Refusal “TWICE”.  During this low period, I was directed to Mr. K P.  Ashok by one of my friends. I started discussing my issues with him and also realized that two of my friends have already signed up with him and are now placed in Pg Training positions in Germany and this boosted my confidence in him and I signed up without further delay. Haven’t met him in person till date; all our communication was through phone and Skype.  I also take this opportunity to thank, Dr. Petereit and Ms. M.Battaglia, who kept me motivated throughout the process by imparting the important skills and knowledge required to obtain a Pg Position in Germany. This eventually led to a successful,  German Visa Interview and Visa approval!!!

If you are reading this and are planning to obtain a PG Medicine/Surgery  Training position Germany, I strongly recommend you to sign up with Mr. K  P.  Ashok and benefit from the very professional, relevant and seamless pathway to success.

Thank you so much for guiding me in the right path towards my dream of PG Specialist Training in Germany

Kind Regards,
Shijo J.

Note: Dr. Shijo J lives in the UAE and is a native of Kerala, India. He studied medicine in India and has almost 3 years of work experience. His target specialization is Surgery.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Shijo J, Bonn, Germany

  1. I have moved on with my carrier as specialist (MD Anaesthesiology) in India ; almost 12 years of post MD experience with one year training in critical care as well in 2011. Looking forward to work in Germany so that I can experience the quality medical care also and get an entry to any training programme especially in anaesthesia and critical care. How are my chances?

    1. Hello Dr Nived K

      While MBBS is recognized as a basic medical qualification in Germany(though not equivalent to German degree), but PG qualifications gained in India are not recognized. So, you will need to follow the same path as that of an MBBS candidate to obtain a SPECIALIST(PG)training position and complete the training. However, you stand to gain credits for previous learning/higher skills based on the assessment by the Chief Training Specialist after you obtain a SPECIALIST training position- thus reducing the duration of the training. After this training period, you can work as a SPECIALIST in Germany.

      Anesthesiologists are also Emergency Medicine Specialists in Germany.

      I have mailed the basic Qualifying questionnaire for PG in Germany. Kindly check and respond.


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