Kathleen C testimonial

I am Kathleen C, a Medical doctor(Physician) from the Philippines. Going to Germany for PG training has been a foreign concept in the Philippines. I did not know any Filipino Physicians who could guide me. I have learned a lot about the process and steps through Mr. Ashok. He gave me realistic expectations and timeline, with this my anxiety and qualms about going to a foreign country alone, has been alleviated. My monthly Skype meeting with Frau Becker has greatly helped improve not only my German language skills, but also gave me an overview of German Medical Terminology. I would like to extend my thanks to Ms. Annie, who maintained constant communication with me through WhatsApp, even with the time difference and distance between our countries. I have just received my Visa and am looking forward to starting PGMP in Bonn next month. I may have never met them in person, but they have made my preparation for PGMP easier than if I have done it alone and with no guidance from them.

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