Ultimate guide for NEET Entrance Exam 2020

The Ultimate guide of NEET-PG Entrance Exam 2020 Preparation

Congratulations Doctors!
Pursuing MBBS is very tough in itself. It needs real sheer determination and commitment towards studies and in the career. To succeed in the medical profession you need a good post-graduation Specialization degree of MD or MS. You can opt for more than 40 specializations in your postgraduate studies.

This article is the Ultimate guide of NEET-PG Entrance Exam 2020 Preparation

What is the NEET-PG Entrance Exam

NEET PG is National Eligibility Entrance Test for Post Graduate. It’s an entrance exam to study Post Graduate Medical Courses like MD or MS or PG Diploma in any Government or Private Medical College in India listed in Indian Medical Council. It’s the only examination for getting admission to Post Graduate courses

Some NEET PG Facts

The NEET-PG Entrance Exam is compulsory to get admission to any of PG Courses to post MBBS w.e.f. 2017. NEET-PG Entrance Exam conducted once every year. Fresh MBBS graduates are not eligible for NEET PG. The minimum one-year internship is required to be eligible for the NEET-PG Entrance Exam. The validity of the NEET PG score is one year. The admission session for any Medical PG courses could not be carried or forwarded for the next session of admission.

NEET PG Scores are not accepted by all institutes. E.g. AIIMS doesn’t accept it. Only the list of institutes that fall under the Indian Medical Council will accept the NEET PG scores and give admission to you.

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  • The Candidate must be India and must possess an MBBS degree duly recognized as per provisions of the Indian Medical Council Act.
  • The candidate must have completed a 1-year Internship or are likely to complete by March 2020.
  • Candidates belonging to Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh are not eligible for 50% All India Quota Seats.

Exam Registration & Dates 

Events Dates
Online Registration starts Last week of Oct 2019
Last Date of Online Registration Last week of Nov 2019
Admit Card Last week of Dec 2019
Exam Date 1st week of Jan 2020
Result Declaration Last week of Jan 2020
1st Round Counseling 20-Mar
2nd Round Counseling 20-Apr

Exam Pattern

NEET-PG Entrance Exam is one of the difficult exams in India. It has 300 questions to answer with negative marking in place. The syllabus is extremely vast. A candidate must make the right move. The questions have 4 an option out of which 1 is the correct answer. Each right answer will get 4 marks and 1 mark for every wrong answer. Every incorrect answer has 25% negative marks. For instance, say you attempt 4 questions even with 25% accuracy you get 1 right out of 4 i.e. +4-3 = 1.

Zero marks for not attempting the question. Apart from that, there is nothing to worry. The medium of the exam is English.

Subject Wise Mark Distribution

The syllabus of the NEET-PG Entrance Exam is very vast. It covers more than 700 topics, out of which 300 topics get more weightage for NEET-PG Entrance Exam. Let look understand these subjects by weightage.

  Subject Questions subject wise
1 Anatomy. 17
2 Physiology. 17
3 Biochemistry. 16
4 Pathology. 25
5 Pharmacology. 20
6 Microbiology. 20
7 Forensic medicine. 10
8 Social-Preventive medicine. 25
9 General Medicine (Dermatology, Venereology & Psychiatry). 45
10 General Surgery (Orthopedics, Anesthesia & Radiodiagnosis). 45
11 Obstetrics – Gynecology. 30
12 Pediatrics. 10
13 ENT. 10
14 Ophthalmology. 10
Grand Total 300

Some important Tips & Tricks to Ace the NEET PG

Preparing for NEET PG is indeed difficult but it is not impossible. With hard work, commitment, and steady efforts are required to crack the NEET-PG Entrance Exam.

1. Cover the entire Syllabus

The success in the NEET-PG Entrance Exam depends on the syllabus you cover. It has 20+ subjects with 700+ topics making it the most lengthy syllabus for any competitive exams in India. The syllabus covers concepts, theories and practical knowledge of the candidate acquires during his internship.
Preparing the right strategy for your preparation is very important.
It is also imperative that students start their preparation for NEET PG as they reach the sixth semester of their MBBS course. Be cautious of these three things:
Understand what the Examiner is looking for? Understand the NEET PG syllabus thoroughly.

  • Get the Basics Right. Understand the clinical importance of each topic while studying it.
  • Divide each subject into blocks and add them to similar subjects
  • Pay extra attention to the subjects which you can’t miss.
  • Start with an easy subject a then move gradually.
  • Refer recommended standard Textbooks
  • Prefer for group Study Sessions to learn at a faster pace
  • Enroll for a Test Series

2. Tackle Negative Marking

Theoretically the more you answer the more you increase your chances to clear the exam. To tackle this one should be well-versed with the exam pattern.
However, there are few tips and tricks to make the most of the NEET-PG Entrance Exam without getting much impacted by negative marks.

  • Set a Target
    Be clear on how much you want to attempt. You should have a clear target of how many questions you want to attempt at first. If you are prepared well for the exam you could answer 180-200 questions easily. Rest 80 questions can be answered with an educated and smart guess Work and proper elimination strategy. It’s Ok if you leave 20-30 questions.
  • Go for Round System
    The exam is a Computer Based Test. Hence, first, you skim through all 300 questions as fast as you can. Then attempt the easiest and definite one first. This will ensure the optimum use of your time
  • The sequence is not important
    Do not try to attempt questions in sequence. Take complete freedom to answer the question you are sure first, and follow it by the questions which require thinking and memory.
  • Read questions and options carefully
    No matter what do not hurry while reading the question and its options. Be calm and relaxed.
  •  Identify the tough questions
    The exam consists of questions with a different difficulty level. Quickly identify the most difficult to most easy questions.  Do not waste time on assessing the questions at first. If you are confused leave and move the next question.
  • Go for 50:50 options
    Question is not difficult, options are. Quickly mark 2 most probable right options after the elimination of wrong answers. Smart elimination is the right strategy to answer questions.
  • Von Restorff Theory
    There is no fixed pattern for guesses or elimination. Remember your first intuition is always right. But when you deviate from your first guess you often end up in selecting a wrong answer and vice versa. Hence, it is sensible to change your option if you deem fit.

3. Guess it for good

NEET PG students continuously take multiple mock tests to assess their test preparation and increase speed. No matter what the syllabus is so vast that it is practically not possible to give every answer correct with precision, especially with the negative marking rule. The accuracy is the main factor to succeed in NEET-PG Entrance Exam. Hence, making a good guess of answers is definitely required for NEET PG

The real question is how many questions they should attempt to top the exam. The recommended questions are 260-270 questions to make the cut. This is definitely not an easy task, especially with negative marking in place. Moreover, the options in the answer are very confusing to candidates. You need to think at least a couple of times before attempting any question in spite of studying so hard.

You will need a minimum of 65% marks to be safe i.e. 200 answers correct. But it is very difficult to reach this level of accuracy. You should attempt a minimum of 250 questions to qualify for the exam. With limited time, negative marking, vast syllabus and good marks to qualify it leaves no option except making a good guess.

  • Make an educated guess. The trick here is to start with an easy question and move gradually.
  • Do not hesitate to eliminate those obviously wrong choices first.
  • Identify answers with keywords in the question
  • If two options are similar, then pay close attention
  • If two options are opposite one of them is often right
  • Read Options carefully
  • Don’t over-analyze a question or it read too deep. Go with your gut feeling.
  • Avoid Extremes in number based questions

4. Secret Sauce for Success

  • Start Early
    Start preparing as soon as you considered it for the first time. Seriously! MBBS is half preparation for NEET PG. All you have to do is be serious and maintain good notes during your MBBS. While you are in the third year of MBBS you should start preparing for NEET PG.
  • Go One Step at a Time
    Cover the entire syllabus in your first reading. This will strengthen the basics and develop an understanding of the concept. Revise and revise it rigorously. Revise a minimum of 4 months before the exam. Avoid learning any new concept when revising.
  • Prepare Subject-wise
    It’s important to check your knowledge once in a while. Enroll for test series preferably a weekly one. This will make you anytime ready for the test and help you assess your knowledge at the moment.
  • Prepare for Most Common Questions Theory
    To develop a strong command on the theory part; prepare the topic of the most common question by topic. It will help you in the long run and help you to crack any sort of exam. It’s simple the more you practice, the more you master it.
  • Mock Test matter most
    Mock tests are the only savior to succeed and ace the NEET-PG Entrance Exam. It’s not that only a topper can clear NEET-PG Entrance Exam; no doubt a topper can have some edge over others. But if one approaches NEET-PG Entrance Exam in a structured manner even an average student can clear and ace it. As NEET PG contains negative markings more than reading skills one needs a good comprehension skill. Practice Mock tests as much as possible. The main goal of the mock test should be to complete the test.
  • Do not stretch yourself
    Do not study at night. It’s best to study in the morning. Avoid long hours of study. Take a break frequently like every two hours to relax and refresh.
  • Group Study is always Best
    Group study is really useful for many aspirants. The basic idea is to surround you with people who are like-minded and want to pursue the same goal. This will help you focus on your own strategies and encourage study hard. Make this as a doubt solving session facilitate constructive discussion.
  • Always Stay Motivated
    It’s Ok if you are bored or feel exhausted during preparation. Acknowledge and overcome it at the earliest and give your 100% in the exam.
    Always remember, Self-belief is important. You will definitely clear NEET PG.

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