Dr Arihant Testimonial

Hello! I am a resident of Mumbai and completed my Medical graduation from Pune, India. I aspire to pursue my career in Sports Medicine and as an Orthopedic Surgeon. I choose Germany due to excellent opportunities and this faculty is very well established in Germany. I completed B2 level in German language from the Goethe Institute in Mumbai. German language is the fundamental requirement for doing Fachartzweiterbildung(Specialist Training). I selected FiBMed/Niche International because of the very well established and well-structured preparation program. Every step of this program is properly thought about and planned in a manner where no time and money is wasted. The process of documentation for the application of Defizitbeschied and Visa is tedious but Niche International made sure that everything was made in a timely and organized fashion. All this time, I also participated in the Online Training module (One on one sessions by Tutors from Germany) on Medical Terminology and associated topics which helped me a lot and oriented me towards what is to be expected for the onsite Classes & Workshops for Fachsprachprufungand Kenntnisprufungin the campus in Bonn, Germany.  While the information regarding the procedure of doing Specialist Training in Germany is readily available on the internet but the reality of pursuing it without professional assistance is very difficult, time consuming, expensive and overwhelming. I also tried to do this on my own but ended up wasting a lot of time and money in the process. Niche International really helped me streamline the whole process and set me on the right direction to achieve my goal in the most efficient and shortest possible time.


Dr Arihant has joined our Campus in Bonn for advanced preparation in December 2019.

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