Learning German and living in a foreign culture is easy for multilingual Indians

“Will I be able to learn German good enough to do my PG training in Germany? How can I live in a totally different culture?”

These questions may be in your head when you are in the decision process in which country to pursue your PG training. The challenge said upfront: It will require sincere motivation and a results-oriented study approach.

This given, it is very well manageable for intelligent students, who already mastered one of the most difficult studies: medicine!

According to our 5-year experience with Indian doctors in our FIB med courses, all participants who had sincerely invested in learning the language were rewarded with a bright new horizon. Because every new language opens the door to a new world. While many international doctors dread the efforts and restrict themselves to the known: English-speaking countries, the ambitious and courageous take up the challenge.

Particularly for Indians, whose brains are trained from early childhood to operate multilingually and live in a multicultural environment, learning German just means adding one more language to their repertoire. Therefore, even the learning process itself for Indians is much easier than for individuals from mono-linguistic countries.

Adding the fact that medical doctors are highly intelligent by nature, and experienced to study hard and smart during their medical college years, the preparatory task to learn German before PG training has shown to be a very important, yet well manageable, “warm-up exercise” for the next step of PG training at a German hospital.

Dr. K Peteriet,

Bonn, Germany.

Dr. Petereit is our Principal and Program director of PGMP, in Bonn. She has guided more than 100 young medical doctors to achieve their dream of PG training in Germany.

Memberships and Associations:

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Qualitat – German Association of Quality Management
  • International Evaluator for DAAD- The German Academic Exchange Service.
  • Full bright Alumni Association.
  • Rotary International.

Her firm belief and formula for success are: Winning the competition for a high-quality PG Medical training position in Germany – and successfully performing at the job – works like sports: Those who train hardest and smartest will perform best in the game.

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