Post-graduate medicine/surgery training in Germany

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is home to a breathtaking landscape with beautiful castles and monuments. It is the motherland of the person whose name is synonymous with science, Albert Einstein. All told, the most striking characteristic of the country is that it provides the opportunity to pursue Post-graduate medicine/surgery training in Germany for free!

Training hospitals are best known for their medical excellence worldwide and remain one of the most popular destinations for international students. This article is for you if you are a student with an ever-learning mindset and have a passion for evolving as a top-notch medical specialist.

Pathway to pursue Postgraduate Training in Medicine/Surgery in Germany.

  1. Begin by booking a professional counseling session with us! You can take it as per your convenience over the phone, through a Skype call or even reach our office to avail of the service.
  2. Next, we conduct an initial screening process to assess your eligibility for the program you have chosen.
    Please note that if the result is negative, the amount paid for the process is refunded.


  1. If the screening result is positive, you can get your profile evaluation done over Skype exclusively from the Course Director in Germany.At this point, the first Installment (India) is payable. If the result is negative, we initiate a refund of the entire amount paid.
    However, if the result is positive, the first installment (Germany) is payable.
  1. Your enrollment completes with a legal undertaking and an official document stating the course registration is signed and delivered to you via email.
  2. Now, you are eligible to undertake a German Language Training at a location convenient to you. You can also choose from a wide range of options that we shall suggest to you.
  3. Online FastTrack module of the Preparatory Program (PGMP) begins after you start the training. Here, we introduce basic exercises and lessons on Medical Terminology in German language and about the various aspects of the health care system of Germany and related topics. This process helps in building a rock-solid foundation of fundamental concepts that can help you grasp advanced concepts swiftly.Note: The German Language Course comprises of the C1 level of Language.
  1. When you attain the A2 level, our Medical Terminology tutor will start providing a one-to-one lecture on Skype. One or two sessions in a month. The tutor will also assess your language skills.By the time you have reached A2 level, that generally occurs within 90 days of your joining, a second installment fee is payable (India and Germany)
  1. After reaching the B1 level, we will assist you to apply for DEFIZITBESCHEID and rise the ladder to learn lessons like Medical Terminology in German language and Approbation subjects that are introduced one-on-one over Skype by one of the members of our Expert Panel. Periodic assessments take place over Skype until you obtain a B2 level or intermediate level. You pay the final installment after attaining the B2 level.
  2. Next, we conduct multiple mock visa interview sessions to boost your confidence and brush your soft skills so that you express yourself lucidlyon the day of your interview. We also check your application set and run verifications so that it improves to the utmost level.
  1. When your preparation has reached the stage where you are well acquainted with the questions that the visa officer will ask; you are ready for the visa interview. After that, the online training continues until you have received your permit. Apart from that, we also take care of your accommodation requirements at this point and notify you with a confirmation of obtaining student housing in Germany. Our Visa approval rate is 100% since 2012.
  2. Your C1 level training initiates after you arrive in Germany (Bonn, NRW). This stage opens the window of opportunity for you to volunteer in specific healthcare organizations so that you can gain hands-on learning experience in an actual work environment. You also get the chance to attend public medical events while benefiting from continuous medical training sessions, integration modules, and other growth-inducing segments. Such an experience also allows you to strengthen your grip over the German Language further.
  3. The practical workshops, simulation, and classes for Medical Terminology begin alongside the C1 level training.
  4. We also provide you with an opportunity to intern at a hospital for about a month, specifically, 30 days that will allow you to broaden your perspective.
  5. Subsequently, intensive Mock Medical Terminology Exam sessions are taken by German Specialists to leave no stone unturned in cementing your preparation. These sessions are better known as Fachsprachprufung sessions the Medical Terminology examination.
  6. We also prepare you for approbation, workshops, seminars, and expose you to simulation sessions conducted by German Specialists. At this point, you intensify your practical knowledge by gaining expertise in areas of Internal Medicine and General Surgery. You also learn in detail about Radiology: Radiation protection, Pharmacology, and German Medical law. Furthermore, Intensive mock exam sessions are conducted by native experts to help you grow as an impeccable medical practitioner in Germany.Approbation is the License to practice Medicine in Germany. This is obtained after passing the Kenntnisprufung, also known as the Medical Knowledge Examination. This test has five subjects- Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacology, Radiation protection & German Medical law. Preparation for the Kenntnisprufung is a very important part of our course. The preparation conducted by senior professors of the respective subjects in the form of interactive workshops and practical sessions.
  1. Finally, we render a Job Placement Training Module that embodies extensive application interview training. With this training, you can procure work-permit and obtain PG Medicine/Surgery Training in a German training hospital.

Hope this article helped you clear all your doubts to pursue Specialist Training in Medicine/Surgery in Germany.

Niche international is here to help you complete your post-graduation medical training in Germany.

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