NameFromLocation/Current status
Dr Deepa KKeralaIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Deepak MTamilnaduGermany/ Passed FSP/KP Prep
Dr DhrutiGujratGermany/ FSP Prep.
Dr Don OKeralaGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Faiz SMaharashtraGermany/ Pg in Neurosurgery
Dr Dhwanil GGujratGermany/ Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Hrishikesh MMaharashtraGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr JayanKeralaGermany/ Pg in Internal Med.
Dr Jayan BGujratGermany/ Passed KP/Intw. Prep.
Dr Jeffrey STamilnaduGermany/Passed FSP/ KP Preparation
Dr Jenny JMaharashtraIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Jibin MKeralaIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Jeremy FMaharashtraGermany/ PG in Visceral/ Abdominal Surgery
Dr Joseph AKeralaGermany/ FSP Prep.
Dr Karishma MMaharashtraGermany/ Passed FSP/ KP prep
Dr Kathleen CPhilippinesGermany/ FSP Prep.
Dr Khusboo JGujratGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Krishna STamilnaduIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Kriti GNew DelhiGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr Krunal MGujratGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Maneesh BTamilnaduIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Megha MKeralaIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Naganathan MTamilnaduIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Nikunj SGujratGermany/ Passed FSP/KP Prep
Dr Nishaa GTamilnaduIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Nishin OKeralaGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Praveen R STamilnaduGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr. S ShajuKeralaGermany/ Pg in Internal Med.
Dr Rachit BHaryanaGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Raj KNew DelhiGermany/ Passed FSP/ KP prep
Dr Rohith PKeralaGermany/ FSP Prep.
Dr Niral SGujratGermany/ FSP Prep.
Dr Rony PKeralaGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Sagar TMaharashtraGermany/FSP Preparation
Dr Saravana BTamilnaduIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Shevonne AMaharashtraGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Shon JKeralaGermany/ FSP Prep.
Dr Shraddha PMaharashtraIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Shravan NTelanganaGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Souranya JKeralaGermany/ Pg in Neurology
Dr Sulaiman SAndhra PradeshIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr. Sumi B:KeralaGermany/ Pg in Internal Med.
Dr Sumanth DTamilnaduIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Sumanth NTelanganaGermany/ Pg in Anaesthesia
Dr Suyash RMaharashtraGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr Sukumaran VKeralaIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Tanay PMaharashtraGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr Thomas PKeralaGermany/ FSP Prep.
Dr Varun VMaharashtraIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr. Shijo JKeralaGermany/ Pg in Plastic Surgery
Dr Vivek BGujratIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr Vivek TKeralaGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr. Aashvin RNew DelhiGermany/ Pg in Gastric Surgery
Dr Varsha SKeralaGermany / Passed FSP/KP Prep.
Dr. Abdullah SGCCGermany/ Pg in Opthalmology
Dr. Vaseem KKeralaGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr Vijay SMaharashtraIndia/ Foundation level Prep
Dr. Krishnadas PKeralaGermany/ Pg in Gastroent.
Dr. Abdulrehman NGCCGermany/ Pg in Internal Med.
Dr. Amith SKeralaGermany/ Pg in Radiology
Dr. Anwesha SOdishaGermany/ FSP Prep.
Dr. Arihant IMaharashtraGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr. Anjali VKeralaGermany/ Passed FSP/KP Prep
Dr. Ashwini RKarnatakaGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr. GishnuKeralaGermany/ Research Program
Dr. Azal LGCCGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr. Shaikh AKeralaGermany/ Pg in Internal Med.
Dr. Chirag BMaharashtraGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr. Gayathri SKeralaGermany/ Pg in Oncology
Dr. Gowri KiranKarnatakaGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr. Hayder JGCCGermany/ Pg in Neurology
Dr. Godwin RoyKeralaGermany/ Pg in Radiology
Dr. K VermaTelanganaGermany/ Pg in Internal Med.
Dr. Linoy JKeralaGermany/ PG in Orthopedics
Dr. Manoj KTelanganaGermany/ Pg in Radiology
Dr.Mohammad AGCCGermany/ Pg in Internal Med.
Dr. Soumya CKeralaGermany/ Pg in Pediatrics
Dr. Sravan KTelanganaGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr. Vineeth KKeralaGermany/ Pg in Pulmonology
Dr. Zulfa AGCCGermany/ Pg in Obs.& Gynecology
Dr Ronald JKeralaGermany/ PG CVT Surgery.
Dr Nithin KKeralaGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr Jevin G.KeralaGermany/ Passed FSP/KP prep.
Dr Girish S.KeralaGermany/ Passed FSP/ KP prep.
Dr Fazin A.KeralaGermany/ Passed FSP/ KP Prep.
Dr Ahmed K, NewDelhiGermany/ FSP Prep.
Dr Sumi B.KeralaGermany/ Pg in Int. Medicine.
Dr Sherry R T.KeralaGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr Deepthi K,KarnataGermany/ Pg in Int. Medicine
Dr Najla N.KeralaGermany/ Pg in Int. Medicine
Dr Vasavi C.TelanganaGermany/ Pg in Int. Medicine
Dr Kaushik E.TelanganaGermany/ Pg in Int. Medicine.
Dr Tulassy R.Andhra PradeshGermany/ Pg in Surgery
Dr Rohin P T.KeralaGermany/ Pg in Int. Medicine.
Dr Sharlotte G.KarnatakaGermany/ Pg in Surgery

*This is an indicative list. All names are not listed. We try to update the page every three months. Hence, omissions & errors are expected.