Requirements to Study in Germany for Indian Students

Introduction: Study in Germany is one of the most famous destinations for students from India. Every year, thousands of Indian students travel to Germany to pursue their studies. There are several reasons why Germany is such a popular destination, including the quality of education, the low cost of living, and the opportunity to experience a […]

Pros of Pursuing PG in Germany After MBBS in India

PG in Germany  can be very beneficial for an Indian medical student. There are many reasons to consider pursuing a PG in Germany, such as the quality of education, the opportunity to learn from world-renowned Specialists , and the chance to gain clinical experience in some of the top hospitals in the world. In addition, […]

Eligibility to Study PG Medicine in Germany

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PG Medicine in Germany could be the key to success in your career. Many international students choose to study in Germany because of the high-quality education and research opportunities on offer. A postgraduate qualification from  Germany will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your career. You will also benefit from […]

How To Do Medical PG In Germany After MBBS In India?

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In India, many students aspire to pursue their medical post-graduation abroad. After completing MBBS, obtaining a seat in post-graduation courses is always a distressing phase for medical graduates. Remarkably, Indian doctors can opt to pursue medical post-graduation in Germany. All PG aspirants hailing from India have recently found Germany to be a thriving hub. The […]

My FSP Preparation Strategy- Dr Jeffrey Soundarajan – PSG Coimbatore

My FSP Preparation Strategy – Dr Jeffrey Soundarajan – PSG Coimbatore The point where I started preparing for my FSP- Although a lot of you commonly believe that this is where the actual preparation starts, I personally believe it started when I started those language( A1 – B2) classes. If you’re reading this article then […]

Fachsprachprufung (FSP)-Temporary Licensing Exam Experience

Fachsprachprufung (FSP)-Temporary Licensing Exam Experience – Dr Jeffrey Soundarajan (PSG Coimbatore) This is my FSP experience in Düsseldorf. The examiners are experienced Physicians.  The content of the FSP is a case study of a typical situation in a hospital.Basically, the exam has three parts. Each part is 20 mins long. Part 1 (Doctor-Patient conversation)It’s basically history […]


Specialization Surgery Plastic and Aesthetic Consultant / Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery  Examination and treatment procedures : at the hand  100 in volume and skeletal system, tendons at on the skin and subcutaneous soft tissues, including the vascular system analysis of peripheral nerves interventions in the initial treatment of burns and to treat combustion […]

What is Kenntnisprufung?(KP)- The Permanent licensing Exam in Germany

What is Kenntnisprufung?(KP)- The Permanent licensing Exam in Germany. KP is not like PGNEET! It is not a written exam in MCQ format. There is no grading or ranking which affects your choice of branch. The result is only PASS or FAIL. KP is holistic. It is not only about reproduction of deep theoretical knowledge, […]

How strict are the Kenntnisprufung?(KP) examiners?

How strict are the Kenntnisprufung?(KP) examiners? Examiners are generally friendly and have a positive attitude. They do not behave authoritative or superior to the exam candidates. They aim to conduct a friendly professional conversation “among equals” with the exam candidates. Examiners do not like submissiveness but expect to see you being self-confident and pro-active in […]