• PG admissions in Germany does not have any competitive exams like PGNEET.
  • PG Med/Surgery course in Germany does not have any tuition fee instead provide you a very high salary of Approx. Euro 4500/PM ( Gross) – Approx. Rs 3.7 lacs/PM.
  • Germany offers more than 30 specialist branches and many more sub- specialties.
  • German PG Med/Surgery qualifications are recognised all over the EU(26 Countries), UK, Switzerland and also in GCC Countries( UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, etc ). This makes you a Global professional.
  • Germany is the biggest economy in Europe and offers a very high standard of living.
  • PG Admissions in Germany is round the year so you need not wait for months to apply.
  • Lot of Indian doctors and other professionals are working in Germany.

The procedure consists of below given steps:

    • Learning German language- 8 months (In India)
    • Preparation & passing FSP & KP (Temporary & Permanent licensing exams) in Germany – 10 months
    • Pg Application interviews and admissions – 1 to 3 months

German language training institutes follow a proven well-structured training program making learning German upto B2 level possible in 8-10 months. This assumes that you devote time for homework/self study every day. Thousands of people from India and from around the world learn German to either study or work in Germany. You can also learn and excel at it.

While MBBS is recognised as a basic medical qualification in Germany (though not equivalent to a German degree), PG qualifications gained in India are not recognised.  However, you stand to gain credits for previous learning/higher skills based on the assessment by the Chief Training Specialist after you obtain a SPECIALIST training position- thus reducing the duration of the training. Moreover, you are eligible for a substantial monthly salary and during the PG Training period itself which is enough for a comfortable living for a small family. After this training period, you can work/start own practice as a SPECIALIST in Germany.

FMGE’s are eligible to apply for PG in Germany provided you have passed FMGE/done internship and obtained registration in India.

Germany offers more than 30 branches and various sub-specialities. The PG training system in Germany is very flexible and let’s you learn across branches.

Including the time taken to learn the language, obtain Visa and passing the licensing examinations, it can take between 2- 2.5 years. PG in Germany is an integrated program including the “Super- Specialisation” part. The duration is 5-6 years depending on the branch.

We are a Training Institution based in Gladbeck/Dortmund, Germany having Admissions Office in Mumbai, India. We train Doctors to pass the Medical council licensing exams and assist them to obtain PG Med/Surgery Training positions in Germany. We also assist in Visa, Accommodation & Work-Permit procedure. Our record till date is 100% success with all our candidates obtaining PG seats in branches of choice. With our firm and expert guidance, you will achieve your dream without any hiccups.

  • Our program is a mentoring program and it’s objective is to guide, prepare and support you from the day you start learning the language till the time you obtain a PG seat in Germany.
  • We follow a problem-based, presentation-oriented training program which helps you cement and apply your medical knowledge according to German healthcare protocols.
  • We understand that every student follows and different pace of learning and our modular program delivery helps you learn and grow at your pace.
  • Our program places equal emphasis on Cultural integration and Medical subjects training. This equips you with the skills and confidence to function as a highly productive Medical professional in the German healthcare environment.
  • We begin a new batch every month and this helps you join us as soon as your visa is issued. You don’t waste time waiting for next batch to start.
  • We provide you 360 degree support. Apart from exam preparation, we also assist you in obtaining Defizitbescheid, Visa, accommodation and work permit.

We have been accepting doctors from India since 2013 and have successfully prepared and placed Approx. 250 till date. We enjoy 100% success record of all our regular students. We expect from you dedication and discipline and return we offer you success in life. Our past record is reassuring.