How strict are the Kenntnisprufung?(KP) examiners?

  • Examiners are generally friendly and have a positive attitude. They do not behave authoritative or superior to the exam candidates. They aim to conduct a friendly professional conversation “among equals” with the exam candidates.
  • Examiners do not like submissiveness but expect to see you being self-confident and pro-active in communication. They simply don’t like to any kind of timidity/shyness in your interaction with them.
  • Examiners do not expect you to be a “Walking Medical Encyclopaedia” candidates but expect to see you discussing the clinical case with confidence and eloquence and display overall maturity in appearance.
  • The examiners usually will be lenient with you if you are unable to answer certain medical questions in detail as long as you are able to communicate your though process clearly on how you will go about solving such a problem in real hospital situations. 

  • The examiners lose interest and patience if you neither understand the question nor respond clearly and confidently. Medical knowledge weakly expressed is weakly perceived. The examiners absolutely wont like you if your German language skills are not upto the expected level because they see this as your reluctance to reach out to the native German people which is perceived as your lack interest in patients and your colleagues in the hospital. Sloppy German language skills is seen as you lacking the ability to analyse cases with precision, putting the patients health in danger.
  • The examiners do not expect you to display perfect text-book knowledge but want you to be well rounded personality who will learn, handle and contribute to the highly organised, top quality healthcare system of Germany.
  • Examiners generally consider Indian doctors as being able to quickly integrate and adapt to the German hospital working environment because of the Multicultural and Multi-religious backdrop of India. Examiners may actively try to test this quality in you by “measuring” your level of general integration into the German society.
  • Examiners refuse to clear candidates who appear significantly underdeveloped in one of the above criteria. They clear candidates who – in addition to medical skills -appear as well-balanced personalities.
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