My FSP Preparation Strategy

- Dr Jeffrey Soundarajan - PSG Coimbatore

The point where I started preparing for my FSP- Although a lot of you commonly believe that this is where the actual preparation starts, I personally believe it started when I started those language( A1 – B2) classes. If you’re reading this article then I am sure by now you know what happens in FSP. It is basically an exam that tests your German knowledge in the medical field. Having vast medical knowledge is not gonna help you pass this exam. It is more about how good you are in your German vocabulary and how good you are in bringing that out for the benefit of your patient and your consultant ( I add consultant here cause who’s gonna tell him those reports every morning). This means your German vocabulary should range from simple enough terms for a patient to those medical terms needed for a consultant. 

Now that this is clear for all of you, this is all I have to say. Prepare as per your vocabulary. Choose words you’re comfortable with. Get a format ready for the cases you would commonly come across. Get a backup ready in case it goes out of this format. And of course , most importantly, get a good study partner who encourages and guides you everyday and thats it. All that’s left now is to practice till your exam date. Make it a point to practice and analyse a case everyday. Don’t over do it. You’re not memorising the cases. Be yourself and adapt according to every case. Do this for a month( ya it might seem like a lot now, but you’ll thank me later). And that’s it. You’re ready and before you know it, you’re done with your exam. 

So on those good notes, Good luck, prepare well. And Tschüss! 🙂

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