Medical Theoretical Training is in the first place, where students are taught how to start their Post Graduation.

Postgraduate Medical Education in Germany is the best opportunity which Medical students can get grabs PG in Medical completed from Germany. Our Institute teaches medical students the Germany language apparently makes you Profile more strong. I’ll walk you through this a bit more in-depth and explain why you need to consider Post Graduate in Medical training in Germany.
We’ve many medical students who’ve enrolled in Medical training and are doing their best in there specialization. Medical Training Institute is engaged with expert professional doctors who provide training to Students. I’ll tell you how to start studying in abroad and what is the best thing you can achieve. Not Only Training but also your practice will be taught. As a Matter of a fact, Medical Training in Germany is going best for medical students.
In the same way, students are able to learn the German language, which makes them more professional.

Medical PG in Germany

Whether you are a young Medical Intern, fresh out of Medical School or have a few years experience, single or married, we have the perfect solution for you to launch a cutting edge professional career in Germany as a Specialist in a branch of choice.

  • Are you a doctor looking for Pg Training to improve your skills and knowledge?
  • Are you not able to get a PG Branch of your choice and do not want to compromise?
  • Are you an MBBS Doctor looking for Post Graduate Medical Training in a branch of your choice?
  • Are you a doctor aspiring to launch PG training?

Then your search ends here!!!

The ADVANTAGES of doing PG in Germany are:

  • Excellent salary of approx Rs 3.5 lacs/PM(Approx Euro 4200-4500) during PG training itself. A truly EARN & LEARN option
  • Become Financially independant and settle as soon as you begin your PG Training.
  • Very high possibility of getting branches of choice.
  • Permanent Residence in Germany after completion of the course. Practice and settle in Germany.
  • World class training recognised all over the EU, Switzerland, Norway and considered on par with US/UK degrees in the Middle East attracting super high salaries.
  • Excellent professional standards, work-life balance and very high quality of life for self and family.
  • Very low preparation time of 10 months and only one time investment of Rs 16 lacs ( Euro 17000 only)
  • Lot of doctors from India are currently studying/working in Germany.


The Highlights of our Hybrid  Career Pathway program for Doctors(Niche-FiBMed Program) aspiring to undergo PG in Germany are:

  • Ours is the longest standing program in India. Started in 2013. We have a dedicated office in Mumbai and our Training location in Bonn, Germany.
  • The objective of our Program is not to just prepare you to pass the licensing exams ( FSP/KP) but also to guide you till you obtain a suitable PG training position in a good hospital.
  • We provide full support for Defizitbescheid & Visa . We enjoy 100% Visa success rate till date.
  • We are located in a very prominent area of Bonn(Capital of Erstwhile West Germany) and also offer safe and comfortable accommodations, walking distance from our training location. Bonn is centrally located in Europe and is a short train ride(2-3hours) from historic cities like Paris & Amsterdam.
  • Our program includes, fastTrack online module on Medical topics running parallel to language ( A1 to B2) C1 language course, all practical modules & Workshops for FSP, one month internship in a hospital, all workshops, practise modules and simulations for KP, Job placement Training & Work-permit assistance.
  • We have innovative Training methods in the form of Interactive workshops for FSP/KP conducted by German doctors and Professors. This has ensured our 100% success rates of students in FSP/KP for past 7 years.
  • Our candidates have obtained highly competitive branches like Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Radiology, Ortho, Gastro, Obs & Gyn. Etc.
  • Our average Pg Placement times post B2 is 12 months. Infact, we have many candidates who got placed in lesser durations. All our candidates start PG only after getting Approbation.
  • Our course is offered on a rolling basis with a new course starting every month.
  • Our course is a Mentoring Program which supports you till you obtain a PG Training position in Germany.
  • We always have 25-30 Indian doctors at our institution in Bonn at various stages of our program making it a very conducive and supportive environment for new arrivals to settle comfortably.


Medical specialization In Germany doctors

Medical Specialization In Germany

Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. German Medical education and health care system has a global reputation for maintaining excellence.

We focus on Counselling as well as IQ of the students. Did you’ve? Our average placement time is 11 months. This is the shortest in the industry. By the same Preparatory program is designed to take you from C1 to PG position + Work-permit in one stretch.
We’ve offered the most economical and value for money program. We’ve small batches resulting in close attention. We’re only the Institute who offers training and Placement. We’ve enjoyed a placement opportunity record for 6 months. Did you know, Medical students who’ve trained from Germany has an excellent reputation all over the world. Our PGMP has various courses in additional.
There is a high demand for medical doctors in Germany. We have world class training system. We’re having professional doctors who are qualified. As well as doctors are well qualified and have a great experience.
We’ll help future-doctors find the path to becoming a doctor in Germany. We’ll help future-doctors find the path to becoming a doctor in Germany. Medical Training in Germany changes the course of you’re life. I’ll show that there are many Institutes who does not provide Placement.
It not only requires you to learn a new language but also exposes you to the rigorous demands of the German Education system and expects you to adapt to a very different Hospital culture. I’ll let you know how to join this course. We’re having best and expert doctors who always suggest medical students grow in there field. Our doctors are always ready to help and where students want to grow. We’ll definitely make your career grow and you can start you’re business in germany.

Dentist Machine In Germany

Foreign Dentists in Germany

Because of a sufficient dentist, there is a reason for the shortage of human doctors in Germany. Chances for foreign dentists are meager and the path manifold more complicated.

There many doctors who want to make their career in Medical, so we can help them by catering counseling. We’ve great testimonials of medical doctors who’ve started there career in Germany. Our Medical Institute always creates a good career and has a great reputation.
We’d many doctors who are always ready to counsel the new student. We’ve experts who are taking care of students who’re coming all overseas. You’ll not only learn the German language but also expose you to rigorous demands of German Education.

Forensics & Medical law

Medical Law @Bonn- Germany

The last four weeks were “Forensics & Medical law” sessions at our training institution in Bonn, NRW, Germany. Our participants’ learned everything from Thanatology

Medical training in Germany is a wide career prospect for Medical students. In addition to counseling, our medical experts work on how to train students. We’ve always seen that students are not able to make the decision quickly. But here we’ve got a counseling team as well as Professional doctors where you can take your step forward.
Our Institute has many doctors who are not only doctors but also working professionals. There’re many students who’re always working hard but don’t know how to create their career path. I’ll tell you that you’re going to be at the best because Institute caters you the services. We’ve many medical students who are working now in Germany and has a great reputation. Students are able to decide there career option.