All our applicants benefit from our free and in-depth counselling sessions. Our counsellors guide you through every step of the process, and help you map the best route to …



Our course is a well-thought-out and time-tested process that encourages self-paced learning. The core curriculum is spread over a period of six months, and lets the students …



Even though numerous PG positions open up in Germany every year, the application process for these positions is complex and extremely competitive. To successfully…


We are Medical Career Builders committed to helping young doctors achieve the medical career of their dreams by providing them first-class postgraduate medical training in Germany.

Our Niche – FibMed Medical PG Pathway Program has been designed keeping in mind the latest trends and best practices in the medical field, as well as the aspirations of budding medical professionals, making it the ultimate pathway to a promising medical career.


Founder Partner, FiB Med, Bonn (Now Retired)

Dr Katja Peteriet established FiB Med in 2005 as a Not-for-profit organisation to establish professional orientation programs for Medical school professors from the Middle East with hospitals in Germany and it morphed into a For-Profit Pvt. Company in 2009. In this period she was instrumental in organising highly specialised training programs for more than 350 professors, medical professionals & students from the region. Building on this experience, in 2012, she took on the onerous responsibility of designing and executing a result oriented Pathway program for Doctors from India aspiring to pursue PG training in Germany. She is the one stop knowledge base for all questions & challenges for the integration of foreign doctors into the German healthcare system and the society in General.

Her rich career spans across more than two decades which saw her undertake projects for Universities, DAAD, German Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Goethe Institute. She is also a member of the Foreigner integration council of the City Govt. of Bonn.

She is superlative communicator and excels in public relations and Human Resource management. These attributes helps her successfully navigate the bureaucratic bottlenecks of the various departments responsible for the integration of foreign doctors in Germany. Her motto is “ Develop the Individual and Individual will develop the society and the country

She has an MBA from the University of St. Gallen/Exe. School HSG, Switzerland & a Doctorate in Industrial & Organisational Psychology from RWTH Aachen Tech. University & Dresden Tech. University. As a Fulbright Scholar, she obtained her Masters in Industrial & Organisational Psychology from George Mason University, USA.

Since her retirement in February 2023, our program has been taken over by HCA- Germany, headed by a young and dynamic Postgraduate Doctor couple and based out of Gladbeck/Dortmund.

Director, Niche International, Mumbai

K P Ashok is the founder Director of Niche International, established in 2003, as a Consulting service providing information, career counselling and admissions support to students aspiring for niche careers. Till 2012, he was active in Counselling & providing admissions and visa assistance to students wishing to train and study in Australia, Canada and USA with 100% Visa success rates.  In 2012, when Germany opened its doors to Medical professionals from NON-EU region, he brought the opportunity home by designing a well structured pathway for doctors from India to pursue further training & employment in Germany. He has counseled more than 3000 doctors and about 250 doctors have taken advantage of the pathway program and are currently pursuing their Post-Graduate training in various branches in Germany.

Objectivity is his strength and forthrightness his calling card. You will always hear the truth even when it’s not palatable. With him, you can rest assured of a safe journey towards your goals. When not counselling candidates, you will catch him watching informative documentaries, reading books on myriad subjects, or practicing for the marathon, which he aspires to run one day.



Admissions for our Medical PG Pathway Program take place on a rolling basis throughout the year. You can apply any time you want. To ensure you don’t waste long periods of time waiting for a new batch to start, we have new courses beginning on the first of every month. This allows you to start your pre-departure training as soon as you’re accepted into the program, and join our Campus in Germany soon after you receive your Visa. The fee payment for the program is split into six installments, over a period of 12 months.


All our applicants benefit from our free and in-depth counselling sessions. Our counsellors guide you through every step of the process, and help you map the best route to success in Germany. Because we want to equip you with all the necessary information, we ensure that our counselling sessions are not restricted by time limits nor geography. There is no limit to the time we spend counselling you and going over your queries. We even conduct our counselling sessions via telephone and Skype/Google Meet. Whenever you have a doubt, you can drop by our offices, give us a call or reach out to us online. No matter where you’re located, we can counsel you in the most effective manner.


To ensure that an applicant is a good fit for our program, and vice-versa, our admissions process is split into two comprehensive rounds:

During the first round, the Admissions Team in Mumbai conducts a document screening to check whether the applicant is in possession of, or is able to produce, all the necessary documents required to apply for a PG Med/Surgery Training position in Germany.

In the second round, the applicant undergoes a profile assessment with the program’s Course Director, who is based in Germany, to gauge if the applicant has all the attributes required to forge a successful career in Germany. This assessment is based on our vast experience with the German Healthcare Recruitment environment, and also takes into consideration the applicant’s personality, motivations and qualifications.

Only applicants who successfully clear both the rounds are offered a place in our program.


Our teams in India and Germany are experts with years of experience when it comes to pre-departure procedures and formalities for Germany.

We help you with all the paperwork and double-check your visa application before you submit it. We also conduct mock visa interviews in English and German so that you’re prepared for your actual visa interview.

All foreign doctors wishing to practice medicine in Germany must provide a Defizitbescheid certificate. Defizitbescheid is a formal intimation from the relevant Medical Council in Germany denoting the steps required to be taken by specific applicants to qualify for PG Med/Surgery training positions. Obtaining the Defizitbescheid from the German Medical Council can be a complicated process, which, in case of errors, can lead to delays; but with our team to guide you, you can be assured of a smooth sailing.

Should you require assistance with a Letter of Admission for your Student Loan, or any other documents, we are here to help you.


Innovative Learning

One of the highlights of the Niche-FibMed Medical PG Pathway program is our innovative learning pedagogy, where learning isn’t just limited to a lecture model. To deliver a more comprehensive learning experience for our students, classes use state-of-the-art interactive learning tools and problem-based learning models that are patient-centric and practice oriented. Workshops and presentations on different topics take place regularly, often accentuated by lively in-depth discussions, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in class.

Self-paced Learning

Our course is a well-thought-out and time-tested process that encourages self-paced learning. The core curriculum is spread over a period of six months, and lets the students learn at their own pace. It is a system that students respond well to because it is stress free, lets them focus on building strong theoretical foundations, and guarantees success.

Master the German Language

The thought of moving to a new country can be intimidating for students, even more so if you don’t speak the language of that country. So if you’ve never studied German before, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

German language courses are integrated into our curriculum to help you master not just conversational German, but also become proficient in medical lingo. Students start with German lessons soon after receiving their acceptance and complete their B2 level before leaving for Germany. Upon reaching Bonn, C1 level classes begin straightaway.

Learning German beyond the required levels helps our students converse with fellow doctors and patients with more ease pass the Licensing Exams (FSP & KP).

Licensing Exams and Hospitation

In order to apply for the Approbation (the license that lets doctors work in Germany), you must first clear the Fachsprachprufung (FSP) and Kenntisprüfung (KP) exams. These exams test medical students on their theoretical medical knowledge, practical working skills and German language proficiency.

At the program, we conduct medical language and medical knowledge training for the FSP and KP exams in parallel so that you can save time and optimise your learning efficiency. All students also do a one-month hospitation at local hospitals before the FSP exam, where they get to actively practice their language skills in real life settings. Structured intensive workshops and mock exams, along with hospital observership and also experience and understand the Hospital processes.

Learn beyond the classroom

To provide a holistic learning experience, our program provides learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom. Participants get the opportunity to attend various CMEs, medical conferences and hospital trade fairs in the area, and meet experts from the industry.

Cultural Immersion Program

We believe the key to a successful medical career in Germany lies in adapting to the new environment and immersing oneself in the local culture. Keeping that in mind, we have special cultural immersion modules to help students overcome any cultural shock and feel more at home in Germany. Our campus often hosts fun extracurricular activities, in-house events and partakes in local festivities. Students are also encouraged to participate in local festivals, events and leisure activities. Exposure to the local food and culture, and trips to nearby places help our students enjoy the beauty of Germany like a true native.


During the initial stages in Bonn, students are given the opportunity to volunteer at an elderly care home. This is a valuable opportunity that allows the students to practice social interaction and try out their language German skills, but more importantly, also helps them connect with the elderly population that makes up the largest patient group in Germany. It also is a great way to live up to the principles of collective well-being and giving back to the society which are the foundational stones of the medical fraternity.

Your Ultimate Safety Net

As Career Makers, we are dedicated to ensuring that our students secure a training position of choice. We pride ourselves on being a true mentoring program committed to assisting and supporting our students get their dream job And so, we allow our students to continue attending classes and retain their accommodation till they secure a PG training position. Guaranteed access to training and assured lodging keeps students focused on their preparation by eliminating any fear of failure.

Job Applications Training

Even though numerous PG positions open up in Germany every year, the application process for these positions is complex and extremely competitive. To successfully navigate through this process, we offer our students job application workshops and personal coaching. These job placement modules cover all aspects of the job search process —identifying suitable vacancies, drafting resumes and filling up applications according to German standards, and grooming students for interviews. Even after a student successfully lands a PG training spot, we are available to guide them through choosing the right offers, checking the job contract, applying for a work permit and filling the necessary paperwork.

Continued Support and Guidance

We want all our participants to discover their strengths and reach their true potential. You can be assured of personal guidance and unconditional support during the entirety of our program.More importantly, our bond with our students doesn’t end simply because they’ve completed the course requisites and graduated from the program. We are always there if you need someone to talk to, even after you’ve graduated from our course. Because we are more than a course provider to you. We are coaches, trustees, and sometimes, even friends. We are your well-wishers who have seen you grow, who want to see you succeed, and who will always have your back.