Guiding young doctors towards a stellar
postgraduate medical training
experience in Germany.


We are Medical Career Builders committed to helping young doctors achieve the medical career of their dreams by providing them first-class postgraduate medical training in Germany.

Our Niche – HCA DocPrep Medical PG Pathway Program has been designed keeping in mind the latest trends and best practices in the medical field, as well as the aspirations of budding medical professionals, making it the ultimate pathway to a promising medical career.

We work with a diverse pool of candidates — doctors fresh out of med school, those with a few years of experience under their belt, single, married, fluent in German and those who’ve never studied the language at all. Our program is tailor-made to best suit the candidate’s profile and help them prosper.

We provide our students support at every step of the process, from before they leave for Germany, during the course of the training program, and even after its completion. And we have an impeccable track record. We pride ourselves on enjoying a 100% success rate; to date, all our participants have successfully completed the pre-departure phase in India, obtained a visa, cleared the medical training course in Germany and have taken up salaried PG training posts in German hospitals.


To be best and single source to fulfil all your needs in your journey towards achieving a world-class qualification and a satisfying career in Germany.

To be able to ensure fair and objective on-boarding of applications to maintain our high success rates.

Always provide detailed and updated information to ensure that you are able to make a fully informed decision regarding your career.

To continuously refresh our Pathway program to reflect the current realities of the German Medical training environment.


Niche International was established in 2003 as a niche foreign education consulting service focused on segments like Aviation, Art& Design, Hospitality & Medicine and successful advised and placed 1000s of Indian students in these professional programs.

Our partners at the FiB Bureau of International Education Management (Fachbüro für internationales Bildungsmanagement) have been conducting training for a wide range of international healthcare professionals, from junior doctors to senior hospital managers, in Germany since 2001.
In 2013, we decided to combine our forces (in an exclusive partnership) and launched the Niche-FiBMed Medical PG Pathway Program aimed towards curating a result-oriented career path for aspiring young doctors by helping them avail high-quality postgraduate medical training in Germany.

Both Niche International and FiB (Bureau of International Education Management) are registered in India and Germany, respectively. This ensures that the program is supported by a secure legal framework covering all aspects, from the first payment to final service delivery, and guarantees transparency and accountability to all our stakeholders.


Our Mumbai Office manages the admissions process and helps successful applicants with their paperwork. We have a dedicated team of experts who conduct the initial Counselling, Screening & Eligibility Assessments, and assist with Defizitbescheid and Visa process. Located in central Mumbai, our office is easily accessible, and you are always welcome to come visit us with your family and friends for an information session.


We have our own Training Centre based in Bonn, a former capital in the heart of Germany. Housed in a classical villa within a city park, our Training Centre boasts of comfortable classrooms and study rooms, well-equipped with modern audio-visual aids, medical equipment for practice sessions and study tools, as well as a kitchen and a large garden. Our campus acts as a “home away from home” for the students, where care is taken to help students focus, destress and feel comfortable.


Founder Partner, FiB Med, Bonn (Now Retired)

Dr Katja Peteriet established FiB Med in 2005 as a Not-for-profit organisation to establish professional orientation programs for Medical school professors from the Middle East with hospitals in Germany and it morphed into a For-Profit Pvt. Company in 2009. In this period she was instrumental in organising highly specialised training programs for more than 350 professors, medical professionals & students from the region. Building on this experience, in 2012, she took on the onerous responsibility of designing and executing a result oriented Pathway program for Doctors from India aspiring to pursue PG training in Germany. She is the one stop knowledge base for all questions & challenges for the integration of foreign doctors into the German healthcare system and the society in General.

Her rich career spans across more than two decades which saw her undertake projects for Universities, DAAD, German Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Goethe Institute. She is also a member of the Foreigner integration council of the City Govt. of Bonn.

She is superlative communicator and excels in public relations and Human Resource management. These attributes helps her successfully navigate the bureaucratic bottlenecks of the various departments responsible for the integration of foreign doctors in Germany. Her motto is “ Develop the Individual and Individual will develop the society and the country”

She has an MBA from the University of St. Gallen/Exe. School HSG, Switzerland & a Doctorate in Industrial & Organisational Psychology from RWTH Aachen Tech. University & Dresden Tech. University. As a Fulbright Scholar, she obtained her Masters in Industrial & Organisational Psychology from George Mason University, USA.

Since her retirement in February 2023, our program has been taken over by HCA- Germany, headed by a young and dynamic Postgraduate Doctor couple and based out of Gladbeck/Dortmund.

Director, Niche International, Mumbai

K P Ashok is the founder Director of Niche International, established in 2003, as a Consulting service providing information, career counselling and admissions support to students aspiring for niche careers. Till 2012, he was active in Counselling & providing admissions and visa assistance to students wishing to train and study in Australia, Canada and USA with 100% Visa success rates.  In 2012, when Germany opened its doors to Medical professionals from NON-EU region, he brought the opportunity home by designing a well structured pathway for doctors from India to pursue further training & employment in Germany. He has counseled more than 3000 doctors and about 250 doctors have taken advantage of the pathway program and are currently pursuing their Post-Graduate training in various branches in Germany.

Objectivity is his strength and forthrightness his calling card. You will always hear the truth even when it’s not palatable. With him, you can rest assured of a safe journey towards your goals. When not counselling candidates, you will catch him watching informative documentaries, reading books on myriad subjects, or practicing for the marathon, which he aspires to run one day.