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Germany is one of the few countries offering high-quality education for free or subsidized rates, Germany is perfect for Medical Students


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High demand for Qualified doctors.

100% Placement success record

Excellent reputation all over the world

40+ Medical Specialization

Adequate Salary during Training

World-class Training system.


Our Popular Courses & Specialization

Medical Post Graduation In Germany

Surgery Training In Germany

Plastic and Aesthetic- Surgery

Cardiac Surgery

General Medicine/ Surgery

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Neurology & many moreā€¦





We at Medical Training in Germany are an association of highly experienced professionals engaged in counselling and preparing eligible medical doctors from around the world to successfully apply for Post-Graduate (PG) Medical and Surgery Training in Germany


Best Overseas Medical Career

Only one Institute to offers both Technical & Job Placement Training

Insurance, Accommodation, Visa and travel assistance.

1000s of Success Stories




Proven Pathway for Successful PG Medical / Surgery Training In Germany



With a proven process and methodology, We have been helping students to pursue a higher/master medical education in Germany. Our dedicated professional teams counsel you and ensure you make the right decision to advance yourself.

1.  Initial Screening Process
2.  Profile Assessment
3.  German Language Training
4.  Course registration & enrollment
5.  Start PGMP study through Online Learning Module
6.  Medical German Terminology
7.  Visa Application Stage
8.  Advanced Medical German language C1
9.  Internship in a hospital
10. Approbation OR Final Exam
11. Interviews training & Job Placement
12. Work-Permit Assistance



Our Mission

To always utilize modern communication technology to keep the cost of our services low and offer you the most economical price, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

To prepare you to acquire all the relevant skills and knowledge to successfully apply for the Post-Graduate Medical Specialty Training positions in Germany.


To continuously modify and improve our preparatory and advisory program and services to provide you with the best and most relevant assistance.


To ensure you are fully appraised and informed of the challenges of obtaining a Medical Specialty Training position in Germany before signing up for our services.



Why choose us?

100% Placement success record

We enjoy 100% visa and PG placement success record for the past 6 years. Most of our Candidates obtain Approbation before applying for a training position in Hospitals.


Top rated Preparatory program

Our Preparatory program is designed to take you from C1 to PG position + Work-permit in one stretch.


Advanced Technology

In German hospital exposing you to highly advanced medical techniques and technologies to help you become a highly sought after doctor


360-degree Support

Our expert counsellor will assist you from the Initial Screening Process to arrive and settled in Germany (Including Visa Support)

Application Flowchart

Application step for Medical PG in Germany



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