Medical PG qualifications obtained from Germany are recognised globally, especially in the EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway, opening the doors to coveted career prospects internationally. In GCC countries, specialists who’ve done their medical training in Germany are considered at par with those who’ve trained in the US and UK.


One of the best things about doing your Medical Post Graduate Training in Germany is that you don’t need to worry about not getting the specialisation you want because you missed out by a few marks in NEET, or the seats for the specialisation have been all filled up. Aspiring medical students can choose from 30 different fields / branches to specialise in, including highly specialised branches that are relatively unknown in India. Every applicant has an equal and fair shot at obtaining a PG seat of their choice, making PG in Germany a desirable pathway after MBBS for students.


The admission process to a PG Med/Surgery position is a personal interview with the hospital authorities. If they like your profile, admissions (work-contract) can be issued very quickly. Moreover, you need not wait for a particular month of the year to send applications like in India as the admissions to PG training in Germany is against vacancies and thus open throughout the year. This helps you save precious time and launch you career fast.

WHAT do you need to know about PG Medical Training in Germany?

The Medical PG Training Program in Germany is known for its dynamic practical training model, high quality of skills and education, and a generous Salary for the trainees. Coupled that with the fact that Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and that German trained Medical Specialists are regarded highly across the world, pursuing Postgraduate Medical Education in Germany has emerged as a favourable pathway after MBBS for many medical students in India.


Depending on the choice of specialisation, a PG aspirant can take up to 60 to 72 months to complete their medical PG training in Germany.

In order to practice medicine in Germany, candidates need to clear the German Approbation exam. Approbation is the license that allows you to practice in the country. In order to clear the Approbation exam, students need to demonstrate their language proficiency in German as well as their medical knowledge and skills, which they do via the Fachsprachprufung (FSP) exam and the Kenntnisprüfung (KP) exam.

Students need to demonstrate that they can not only communicate comfortably in German, but also their familiarity and comfort with medical jargon in the language.

The tuition fees of our Program is Euros 17500. The fees is divided in two parts, with Euros 5000* payable in India (in the equivalent value of rupee), and the remaining Euros 12500 is remitted to Germany. *Please note the Indian payment attracts 18% GST.


Once enrolled into the Niche- HCADocPrep Program, training begins with students taking their first steps towards mastering the German language. 

Learning a new language can often be daunting. However, our program is designed to help students learn basic German and acquire a B2 level of competency with ease before they leave for Germany. To be competent in German at the B2 level takes students approximately 490 hours of preparation and practice.

Around the same time, our online phase of medical training begins, running parallel to the language course. This includes online modules on topics connected to medical terminology in German language. This helps students get familiar with medical Terminology in German language even before their arrival in Germany. This online preparation enables you to rapidly progress towards passing your professional licensing exams in Germany.

Scheduled monthly one-on-one skype session with the Course Director based in Germany, who helps in assessing their language skills and also provides any guidance needed.



Free Professional Counselling.
Initial Screening- Screening Fee payable.
Positive Screening- First instalment payable.
Profile Assessment by Course Director, based in Germany.
Positive Profile assessment- Second instalment payable.
Legal undertaking signed and delivered.

German language Training commences.
Monthly language/FSP Skype sessions begin.

A2 level OR After 90 days- 3rd & 4th instalments payable.

B1 level – Fifth instalment payable.

Defizitbescheid application process begins.



B2 level OR 12 months- Final installment payable.
C1 level training commences.
Visa Application process begins.
On Visa approval, accommodation booking & travel to Germany.

C1 level training continues.
FSP & KP integrated training modules commence.
Volunteering & extra curricular activities for language & cultural integration.
Hospitation, FSP mocks & examination.




Intensive KP Workshops.
Mock KP sessions & Examination.

Upon passing KP-Job placement training begins.
Obtain PG Training Position
Work permit Assistance.
Work-Permit attained
PG Training begins.

<Final Step

Service & Conditions

  • Screening fee is refundable in case of Negative Screening result.
  • First instalment is refundable in case of Negative Profile assessment.
  • While in India classes conducted by German counterparts will be online only
  • German language levels A1 to B2 is not part of our program.
  • We can suggest and organise capable tutors/institutions
  • FSP Tutors are young German doctors.
  • KP instruction is by the combination of German medical students & senior Subject experts/ Professors.
  • KP Subjects: Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacology,
    Radiation protection & German medical law/ethics
Students do an Internship / Hospitation in a German hospital which provides them them opportunity to apply their language skills, especially within the medical context, while interacting with patients in a real-life hospital setting. This experience, coupled with the program’s extensive workshops and FSP mock exams, empowers students with the necessary skills and confidence to successfully clear the FSP exam.

The next stage after the Fachsprachprufung (FSP) exam is the Kenntnisprüfung (KP) exam, the permanent licensing exam which leads to Approbation (permanent registration in Germany). Students attend workshops, practice sessions and KP mock exams conducted by Senior Professors from the medical field. Subjects covered during these workshops include Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacology, Radiation Protection and Medical Law.

Once a student successfully clears the KP licensing exam, it takes about 1-3 months for the student to be assigned a PG Training Position at a training hospital in Germany.